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Henry's Excavation and Steelworks Company

For the layers that are higher, closer to The Tree, the access to the iron, steel and other metals is easy thanks to the The Layer of Factories. One only needs to look around the production lines, steelworks or simply disassemble some of the equipment and voila. But the deeper one goes, the cost of travel and transport starts to grow, especially when it comes to the layers where the protective Glow of The Tree doesn't reach anymore to scare away the monsters.   That was until something similar to the Layer of Factories has been found in The Depths. While it was on a way smaller scale, the area of still working factories was the size of a small city. The only problem, the two layers above it collapsed, burying most of it under rocks and gravel.   In comes the man with a big dream and even deeper pockets, Henry Hagsworth. He hired a team of workers, guards, and guides, established an outpost just outside of the collapsed area, and with hard work (both his and his workers'), sweat, determination, and a lot of lead against the monsters, he turned it into a city/factory complex, a place a lot of people moved into, looking for some honest work.  


Right now, the settlement consists of at least 50 livable houses, an ever-growing excavation site, factories processing the metals excavated from the site, various workshops that use the metals in their inventions, and at least a few taverns. All of this is surrounded by metal walls with turrets mounted on them.
Outpost / Base
Location under


The outpost is located merely a few layers below where the Glow can still reach, in the first layers of The Depths.  

The collapse

While excavating, some of the more experienced miners noticed that some of the collapsed structures look a little weird. The rumors started that maybe the collapse was caused intentionally either by people who lived before in The Pit or some of the smarter monsters.

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