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The Pit

The Pit is an enormous, almost round chasm, connected to the cave system divided into levels called layers.
Most days it's impossible to see the opposing wall of The Pit without any help (binoculars, telescope) as it is measured to be over 10 kilometers wide.
  In the middle of The Pit, around the layers 50-60, there is a giant seed suspended in the air.
The seed grows with passing time and turns into The Tree .
It gives off the light, which illuminates most of the layers.
Almost everybody living in The Pit is able to point directly to where The Tree grows.
  There are over hundred layers of the caves, the smallest being 2 meters high and the largest being around 180 meters high.
Each layer is made out of the endlessly stretching buildings and natural sections looking as if someone cut out parts of the cities of our world from different ages and placed them there chaotically.
If any building or landmark were to normally exceed the height of the layer, it is cut off in the place it meets the ceiling.
Each layer has at least one way to reach its neighboring layers, be it by working or not working elevators, escalators, ladders, stairs or shafts.
  If the building normally would have any resources inside (for example food in a restaurant) in our world, it will have them in The Pit.
However, as it's passed over 15 years after Awakening, most perishable resources have decayed.
What is interesting is that the buildings that look modern and aren't dilapidated mostly have electrical power and running water (as Electric Element is often present around them).   It is impossible to reach the end of one layer, as moving too far from The Tree is impossible for both humans and machines.
The machines lose their power, and people start feeling sick, the first symptom being nausea and farther, loss of consciousness.   The layers are divided into three parts.
The first part is the 5-10 layers where the sunlight from the surface still reaches. Because that they are called The Surface.
Then, there are layers illuminated by The Tree. As such, they are called the Tree layers.
Last, there are layers where no light reaches. They are called The Deep.
  No one knows if there is the bottom of The Pit.
The legends say that if there is one, it would be a nest of beasts so vile, the human mind couldn't comprehend it.

Fauna & Flora

As the layers of The Pit are composed of different parts of our world, almost every biome is present here.
However, a lot of flora and fauna is distorted by the presence of the Elements.

Articles under The Pit

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Aug 6, 2018 16:30 by Johann Duarte

Veeeery very interesting concept. I'd like to know more about how the layers are structured and how things grow there. When you told about going deep into the darkness, I felt some fear...   Good job : )

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Thank you for your comment. It encourages me to work further on this "project". I will try to add as much as possible to this idea as the time passes.

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