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Elemental gateway

The Tree, the giant plant floating in the middle of The Pit, constantly radiates with energy. Some of that energy turns into a visible Glow that creates the day/night cycle and scares away the monsters. The second way for it to manifest is to become Elements. Depending on the concentration of them in the environment, they change it and can even form material forms such as Elemental Crystals. And while high concentrations of them change the area drastically and become pretty dangerous, people started to wonder what would happen if an area was completely filled with one type of Element.   According to the records and legends of the previous civilizations living in The Pit, it would form an Elemental gateway.  

What is Elemental gateway

If what the old records say is true and not mere fairytales, an Elemental gateway is an area saturated with an Element that, if crossed correctly, leads to a Temple of the Element where one could encounter the manifestation of it, an Elemental. What happens to those who cross the gateway is not certain, but legends say that if one manages to pass the Elemental's trial, they'll receive the blessing which in turn will let them have the audience with The Tree.  

Architecture and geography

While no gateway has been noticed as of yet, the old records describe a few of them. Each one of them varies in appearance, the danger it poses, and the way to cross it.   One of the records describes the giant lake, surrounded by waterfalls from all but one side, in a place where technically it shouldn't fit. Another one mentions an extensive area of darkness that couldn't be illuminated in any way. To even enter the two of them, people had to fully cover their bodies with suits that would protect them from the Elements, or else they suffered from the Elemental Sickness in a matter of seconds. In mere minutes, those unprotected were dead, which some very old records describe as a curse.

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