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When The Tree grows, it radiates powerful and condensed energy. When that energy hits different things on its way, it acts like when the white light passes through the prism, and it separates into ten lesser energies that create it.
Those energies are the Elements int their purest form.   The ten Elements are: Fire, Earth, Water, Air (four major Elements), Light and Darkness (the Elements of life), and Electricity, Nature, Metal and Ice (four lesser Elements).


Material Characteristics

They can manifest as the Elemental Crystals, change the living beings with the Elemental Sickness after long exposure to them, or by changing the terrain where there is big condensation of them.
Otherwise, Elements are completely imperceivable to the human senses. There are devices that can detect and visualize them. In that case, Elements look a lot like the northern lights flowing all around.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Most of their properties and uses are described in the Elemental Crystals article, as that is the form people mainly use them in.
  When there is a very high density of one Element in an area, sometimes the passage to the Temple of the Element can be created, where highly skilled adventurers could try to become the Blessed by the Element by passing the trial of the guardian of the temple, a being born out of the pure essence of the Element (Elementals).

Geology & Geography

All around The Pit.

History & Usage


The existence of the Elements was discovered not long after the discovery of the first Elemental Crystals.


Exposure to the high concentration of the Elements in a short period of time is fatal for any living being (except to those born of Elements). In lesser amounts or taken over the long periods it can lead to the Elemental Sickness.

Environmental Impact

Any change in the Elements in the area can change the plants growing in the area, temperature, and moisture of the air and in case someone uses up all of the Elements there, it can make the terrain completely lifeless and barren (in some cases permanently).



Elements are mostly stored in Elemental Crystals or in the safer, artificial version, Collectors' Crystals
Elemental / Molecular
Common State
Energy that can condense into solid Elemental Crystals.
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