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Crystal Collector

"The crystals of The Pit are the source of mystical energy. Elements closed inside them can be used for many different things.   The Fire heats up whole cities and it allows us to cook. Electricity can power up devices found in The Pit. The Light protects us from what lurks in the shadows. Using different elements on the soil makes it bear fruit without the need for seeds.   That's why we, Collectors, are one of the most important parts of every settlement. Without us, there would be no growth, no food, no heat, no light in the places that need them. The Collector Stones let us store the power contained inside the crystals and move it wherever we want.   Is it a dangerous job? Of course! However, it is something that needs to be done, so our families can live happily."
  The profession of a Crystal Collector isn't an easy one.
Not only do they need to face all the normal dangers of The Pit such as beasts or an Anomaly here and there, the amount of time they spend close to often broken Elemental Crystals exposes them to Elemental Sickness. As such, not many take on this role.


Career Progression

Besides the Collector guilds and all of their employees, there is no hierarchy among Crystal Collectors. If one wants to get more famous and be contacted as a supplier for the settlement, they need to prove they worth by surviving and just being good at this job.
One could count on their fingers how many Collectors are known by their name and talked about on the streets.

Payment & Reimbursement

Elements are needed everywhere, so Collectors can sell them for money, barter or trade them for almost any service in The Pit. Their pay depends on their skill to trade, the demand of the element in the area and the amount of said element they have stored.

Other Benefits

Depending on the needs of the settlement, its supply of elements and the past dealings with the Collectors, their inhabitants can see them as saviors, completely normal workers or greedy merchants. However, the most famous Collectors can be recognized in most parts of The Pit and are treated with respect.   Joining the Collector guild offers a lot of benefits for a monthly fee.
First, new members are given proper training that will help them survive. They are trained physically and taught many different things, such using Elemental Crystals in various ways, basics of trading and which areas of The Pit to avoid at any cost.
Second, when joining, a new Collector will be lent standard equipment for the job. If their membership proves to be beneficial for the organization, they get permission to order new equipment whenever they want.
Those famous or liked enough could even have rescue parties sent after them if they ever disappeared.



First Collectors showed up after the power stored inside of Crystals has been discovered.
Those people used the pickaxes to extract the Crystals. However, that way of extraction often damaged the Crystals, which made them leak raw elemental power in the surrounding area. Those leaks, depending on the size of the Crystals, could change peoples' bodies with Elemental Sickness or even kill them.
The change came with the creation of the Collector Stones, devices able to safely store the Crystal energy. Now, only the Collectors who used the elements in their daily lives and the people working with stones were susceptible to the changes they cause, and even that on way smaller degree than before.



Standard equipment for the Crystal Collector consists of:
  • Collector Stones - artificial Crystals able to hold one type of the element. New recruit is given 8 small units.
  • Climbing gear
  • Map of the known area
  • Gas mask or portable scuba gear, depending on the dangers in the area
  • Food rations
  • Basic medkit
  • Source of light (lanterns, flashlights, torches)
  As their fame and means start to grow, they can complement it with whatever they want.
There are many researchers and engineers specializing in improving the stuff used by the Collectors.
Raw Materials Gathering
For most big settlements it is a staple. For small, deserted villages, it could be the most important job, needed for their survival.
Related Materials
Social Status:
Depends on the place and the safety of the area.


Almost anyone could try their hand at being the Collector on their own, however, such amateurs would get no help from the outside.
To join one of the guilds, one has to meet some of the requirements:
  • The soon to be Collectors have to acquire the "Manual of The Pit", either by the purchase in one of the Collectors' Guilds, at markets or by any other means. This lets them take part in the exams.
  • They need to show their ability to survive in dangerous environments. Bigger guilds usually require either a practical exam or a proof (the proof can vary depending on a place, usually it would be finding some artifact or bringing the monster trophy). In places where daily life is a battle for survival, this step is often omitted.
  • The second test is a test of combat. The ability to fight, per se, is not required as they will be trained if they manage to join the guild, however, the recruit needs to show the promise or imagination in how they fight.
  • The third test is a test of endurance. The recruit is equipped with the full Collector gear and given a backpack full of weights. They then need to overcome the obstacle course, which often requires them to run, crawl, climb and sometimes swim with the burden on their back. At any point, they can ease their own burden. Both the amount of load they manage to bring to the finish line and their ability to think rationally (and not taking on the impossible task) will be graded.


    Walking around The Pit is always dangerous, especially as one moves further from its' center and even leaving the area covered in the Shine of The Tree. Dealing with monsters, anomalies and haunted places is the daily bread for a Collector.
    Additionally, contact with raw energies of Crystals and usage of them can forever change the body and the mind of the Collector.

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