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There are many different dangerous places in The Pit.
One of them would be anomalies.
Localized places where even the most basic laws of nature can be flipped upside down.
  They can be as small as a fingernail or spread over a few kilometers of terrain.
Additionally, they can move with the speed of about one, two meters per year.
Now, kid, tell me...Which do you think are more dangerous ones. The big ones or the small ones?
I'll tell you, it's the small ones.
The big ones, if dangerous, are an inconvenience.
You have to walk around it, plan, change the path if that one meter of movement caused the anomaly to block the road.
But in most cases, you can see them from afar.   With the small ones, you don't have that luxury.
Did it move through the wall over the last year or is your stomach going to have an encounter of the first degree with something that will slice it up?
You never know, and in this case, you don't just reroute, you have to find an entirely new path altogether, which can take hours, days or even months.   So what kind of anomalies do we have?
If we look at the dangerous ones, we have the ones that will slice you up, burn you, melt you, or splatter you around the area.
There are even "hungry" anomalies that disintegrate anything within them.
  But not all anomalies kill you.
There are ones that can help you or the ones that just change the laws of nature.
The ones that change the gravity, flow of time or just perception of colors or left and right.
The ones that will heal you, reveal secrets or calm the monsters around you.

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Cover image: Call of the Tree by Revyera


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