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Elemental Crystals

The Elemental Crystals are a curious thing.
Used almost in every part of our lives, we still don't know where do they come from.
We found numerous records of previous inhabitants that say about them, but never about their origin.
It's just a thing that occurs here in The Pit.


Material Characteristics

First, when they grow, they look like crystalline stalactites or stalagmites, that with age start to branch out, creating spiky structures on walls. If the area is filled with Elements, they start to flow into the Crystal and change it.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Depending on the dominant Element contained inside of them and the amount of it:
  • Fire (red or orange): Emission of heat and very slight orange glow.
  • Water (blue): Wet to the touch. Longer contact with other items makes them moist.
  • Air (yellow or green): It feels like it is moving within the hand.
  • Earth (brown or grey): Very dry, sometimes sharp.
  • Electricity (purple with mixed in yellow): When small amount contained, it feels ticklish, the bigger the amount, the less safe it is to hold.
  • Nature (the mixture of green and brown): In the light, it pulses in hand.
  • Metal (reflective grey or gold): Sharp and cold.
  • Ice (very light blue): Very cold, prolonged contact could lead to frostbite.
  • Light (white): Gives off a strong, blinding white glow.
  • Darkness (black): It seems like it absorbs the light.
  • If the Elements are mixed: Properties mix or neutralize each other.

Geology & Geography

They can show up all around the Pit when the density of the Element is just right.
Some places have an abundance of them, others need to import them to survive.

History & Usage


The first Elemental Crystals were discovered in the first Year of Awakening (between Flowers and Leaf-Fall).

Everyday use

Crystals, or rather Elements contained inside them, are used for various things.
If you till the soil, scatter the seeds and then use the Elements on those seeds, either by breaking, planting or putting them inside special boxes, the crops will grow way faster, and will be changed into unique plants that grow only in The Pit.
Fire Crystals can be used as heaters or light sources (like Light ones).
Earth Crystals can move the rocks and earth so they are often used to dig or to build walls or basic stairs.
If you put Water Crystals inside a container, they will start to fill it with drinking water.
Electric Crystals can power up machines and devices.
And there are many more uses for each of the types of Crystals.

Cultural Significance and Usage

In cultures, where people seek out ways to get transformed by Elemental Sickness, Crystals filled with specific Element are very valuable.
People there usually have rituals of maturation, where the soon-to-be-adults damage Elemental Crystals so the energy contained within flows into them.
This accelerates the rate at which Elemental Sickness progresses inside them but it could also lead to death.

Industrial Use

Raw Elemental Crystals are often used in the production of Collectors' Crystals, a portable, safer way to store and move Elements.


Trade & Market

Elements are mostly sold by the Crystal Collectors in almost every settlement.
There are also indenpendent traders moving Elements from one city to another.
If empty - almost completely transparent.
If filled with mixed Elements - opalescent, with swirling patterns.
If one Element is dominant - the color of said element.
Melting / Freezing Point
It is impossible to change their state in any other way than using or breaking them, which would release only energy. When completely depleted, empty Crystals act just like quartz.
Common State
Crystals - solid
Elements - energy

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