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Blessed by the Element

If one wants to get their wish granted by The Tree when the path to it will open up, they need any help they can get. One of the ways to make their journey easier is to be blessed by one of the Elements. But this journey is as perilous and deadly as the one to their goal.   The first step is to locate Temple of the Element. To do so, the one who wants to get the blessing has to find the place in The Pit, where one of the Elements is so dense, it materializes everywhere in the area. That place will usually hide a gate to the Temple within itself. If one survives traveling through the fields of Element and touches the gate, they will be transported into an impossible space, a Temple of the Element.   There they will meet one of the higher Elementals, the guardian of the Temple, who will make them face the trial. If they are able to impress the guardian and pass the trial, they will become one Blessed by the Element.


Only humans are eligible to receive the blessing. The higher Elementals that are able to pass their blessing onto someone find their strongest trait.
Depending on it the one who wants to get their blessing will have to pass the test based on that trait.
For example, the warrior would need to pass the trial of combat, a scholar would need to show his knowledge related to the reality itself.
Those trials are never easy and can end with participant dying.
No one can be truly ready for them, as they test the person itself, and everything they are.
Because of that, even if someone passes the trial, its guardian can still refuse to bless the person they don't find worthy.


Each blessing grants its holder some unique power related to the Element. Only the powers of the three of them are known.
  • Water gives the ability to see the flow. It can be the blood flowing within the people around or the flow of their movement. To the trained fighter, it can allow them to predict what their enemy will do even before they do it.
  • Air protects from any damage coming from a distance, be it arrows, bullets, spit or breath attacks.
  • Earth lets their holder "see" the shaking of the ground, even if they were somehow blinded even behind the walls and can spread the impact of the hits they take to the ground.
  • Fire can "burn" away from existence the wounds of the holder and anyone they touch, healing them. Additionally, they can fill themselves with fire and stop feeling any fatigue.
  The blessings of Fire, Light, Darkness, Metal, Ice, Nature, and Electricity are still unknown as no one ever got them.   Besides granting its holder those powers, blessings are also seen as a symbol of true strength and anyone who has one of them will be treated with respect.   When the path to The Tree will open up one day, those who were blessed will be able to reach it using the path that is less dangerous. But even "less dangerous" will leave many of them dead.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The woman entered the city.
Her clothes were standard for someone, who earns money by seeking adventures.
However, there was one thing weird about her.
Above her forehead, and on her wrists the fire danced, creating crown and bracelets.
And everyone knew she was the Daughter of Fire.
Depending on the strength of the blessed one, the Element that blesses them may start to appear, floating around them and creating pieces of clothing or other accessories out of itself.
Religious, Special
Alternative Naming
Child of {Element}, Advocate of {Element}
Source of Authority
Elements, so it means also that the The Tree itself finds someone worthy of visiting it.
Length of Term
It lasts lifetime. If the holder of the title is killed, the blessing is lost.
Related Locations

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