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Elemental Crops

Elementally enhanced crops are the technology that is only possible in The Pit.
It has been discovered that tilling the soil and exposing it to the influence of Elements will yield unusual crops that are highly nutritional.
Additionally, sowing seeds on such ground increases the number of the grown produce.   At first, raw Elemental Crystals were used, but often it led to fields being overgrown with weeds and sometimes even dangerous plants (some resembled those seen in the Jungle).
With the discovery of the creation of Collectors' Crystals, the amount of Elements spilled into the ground could be controlled. Later, around year 7, the Farming Boxes were created.
These devices can store a few Collectors' Crystals and "mix" and distribute exact needed amounts of Elements to obtain the type and number of crops needed.   If not for this method of obtaining the food, a lot of people could starve in the first years after Awakening.
Children Technologies
Access & Availability
As soon as crops enhanced by Elements were discovered, the news about them spread like fire through the whole Pit.
Now everyone knows about this way of acquisition of food.
Only the ones you would normally need while farming the land and the ways to obtain the Elemental energy.
This phenomenon that was discovered accidentally.
During the late second year of Awakening, most of the food found in the ruins of The Pit has rotten.
As people knew from the start that that food wouldn't last, they already transformed a lot of areas near settlements into fields.
One day, the cart was delivering the Elemental Crystals to The City of Middlepoint.
While passing the fields, it broke its tire and one of the Crystals fell out of it and cracked.
The Elements contained within spilled.
Next day, the farmers noticed the crops they have never seen before.
One of them decided to cook and taste them.
As it turned out it was a great idea.
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