'Victory against unknown beasts'

On the 14th year of the Awakening, 22 layers beneath The City of Middlepoint, a mysterious structure has been found.   The statue depicts a group of faceless people wearing similar uniforms. Said uniforms consist of jackets, each with different markings on their arms, military pants and boots, and maciej√≥wka caps. All of the soldiers wield mysterious instruments or weapons which resemble bells on sticks, with handles varying in length between the length of a handle of a knife and a polearm. Their all have their other hand raised with four of their fingers raised to the sky and their thumbs placed on the palms of their hands. The exact meaning of the gesture is, though one can guess that it was either a gesture of victory or something related to their faction.   The soldiers stand on top of a small mountain of beasts of unknown species. The creatures look like a weird mix between insects and mammals. Their bodies are partially covered by fur and chitin. Their heads, placed on long necks, are similar to those of wasps while all of their legs end with hands resembling those of primates. There are rib-like structures growing out of their thoraxes. Their bodies are rounded and elongated but narrow, the size of small cars.   Near the base, in the middle of the statue, there is a small plate with one word and two sets of numbers. Deciphered, it has been revealed that the word probably means 'Victory', and while the two sets of numbers are probably numbers it is unknown which type of calendar they used. The only thing that can be deduced from them is that the fight against the beasts lasted either a few days or exactly a few years, as other numbers seem to repeat.  


The statue is made out of simple bronze. The feet of the soldiers seem to shine the most, revealing their original color as if they were touched, rubbed, or polished the most. Almost all other spots are covered with black patina.
Parent Location

Cover image: Call of the Tree by Revyera


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Aug 10, 2022 12:56 by sointex

Interesting entry. I like the idea and the style with which you present the information. There are several grammatical errors which detract from the readability, even in the first sentence. The black text on brown background is not easy to look at or read without my screen brightness turned all the way up. Although your written structure was largely determined by the prompt, most of the sentences use a be-verb, passive voice, or a stative verb (looks like, consists). Your prose will be more engaging to the reader if you can find a way to use more action-showing verbs, even when describing something like a monument. E.g. "In the 14th year of the Awakening, City of Middlepoint archeologists BROKE through the 22nd layer beneath the city and FOUND a mysterious structure."   Thank you for your entry.