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White Storm village

Settlement in the 'eye of the storm'

Philip's Pilgrimage was close to an end. Right now he could see the giant storm swirling in a circle in front of him, his last obstacle, the 'Great Storm' anomaly.
Among anomalies, there is a lot of them that break the rules most of the common ones seem to follow. While most of them seem to have a spherical area of influence, those don't. While a lot of them move and change their size, some seem to be stuck in one place. One of the more known anomalies like this that can be found on The Layer of Anomalies is the "Great Storm". A cylindrical anomaly with a diameter of two kilometers and height of 10 meters (from the floor to the ceiling of the layer) filled with constantly swirling strong winds, sharp dust, and soundless thunders. And in the middle of it, there's a spherical area with a diameter of one kilometer where everything is calm, the eye of the storm. While the outer ring tends to move a little, it never gets closer than 100 meters to the eye of the storm and never leaves it altogether.  
Finding a safe spot in the anomaly was hard by itself, but staying on its path was even harder with strong winds that tried to push him left and right. But it seemed he was lucky. This day, the path to the center was only about 200 meters long, and he could slowly see the light getting brighter and brighter in front of him.

Village inside an anomaly

If one manages to get through the Storm and reaches its "eye" they'll be welcomed by a surprising view. While the rest of The Layer of Anomalies tends to be mostly a barren wasteland, here one can see tents, lodges, old repurposed flats, and concrete buildings, but also farms, animal pens. To maximize the usable area, the buildings closer to the middle have multiple floors connected to each other with walkways and bridges.   This is where the Tribe of the White Storm, one of the branches of the White Order of the Students of The Smith decided to make their home and headquarters. With practice, finding the safe spots of the 'Great Storm' becomes easier and most of the inhabitants can easily enter and leave the village to study other anomalies.  
Philip finally did it. He reached the last stop of his journey. In about a month of learning of the ways of the White Order, he could participate in a Chaos lizard's feast, a ceremony which would make him a full-fledged member of the Students of The Smith.
Founding Date
12th year of Awakening
Inhabitant Demonym
White Order, Stormers
Location under
Owning Organization

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