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The Layer of Anomalies

Stepping off of the rim train, Philip looked around. In front of him was a barren wasteland of the Layer of Anomalies. Here and there he could see some of the anomalies activating or moving, creating explosions of colors, pillars of fire, and whirlwinds that disappeared as quickly as they appeared. He was finally here, the last step of his Pilgrimage. He moved forward, welcoming this dangerous layer as a place where he'll spend his next few days.
In most cases, anomalies are pretty rare phenomena, scattered randomly around the layers of The Pit, slowly moving and changing their size. Unless one encounters one of the four Great Anomalies (Junkyard, Jungle, Grayness or Red Sea), which all span over the enormous areas, it's highly unusual to find a place where one could find two anomalies at the same place or ones that cover so much space.   At least, unless one enters The Layer of Anomalies.   Twenty eight layers above The City of Middlepoint there is a layer where anomalies are normality. It is almost impossible to walk more than a few steps without walking into one of them.


As a result of many different anomalies, the layer is both very chaotic, while staying the same in the end. For the most part, it is a barren, rocky desert, marked by craters. Once in a while, an always active anomaly changes the parts of the landscape, either by reshaping it, adding fauna, flora, or various resources to it, only for them to be destroyed by another anomaly. 'Crystal spike' anomalies create structures that get crushed and turned to sand by gravity anomalies, 'overgrowth' anomalies fight with fire ones for territory, constantly burning and filling space with plants until they move and leave the areas each one of them influences.

Natural Resources

As all other resources tend to be scattered or destroyed by various anomalies, the only real resource one can be sure of finding here is Chaos glass, a material which forms whenever a new anomaly is "born".   If one is quick and lucky enough, they might find and pick up some of the resources that get generated here.
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Chaos layer
Underground / Subterranean
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On average, Layer of Anomalies is only 7 meters tall. That is pretty consistent all over it, though there are some spots where it reaches 12 meters or narrows down to 5.

Access points

Most of the layers have at least a few access points, either staircases, elevator shafts, or towers that lead to the layers above and below them. The same goes for The Layer of Anomalies, however, using them is ill-advised, as no one ever can be sure what kind of anomaly might have moved above one of them.   Instead, inhabitants of The Pit decided to build platforms on the rim of the layer, in the main shaft of The Pit. Thanks to that, one can easily go around the layer without risking their life. Additionally, a rim train looped railroad has been built all around the rim to make it even easier to continue one's travel without stopping here for too long.

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