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The place where hope fades away.
The place where nothing lives.
The place where everything crumbles away.
  Many people think that the Grayness is an Anomaly .
If it is one, it's the most complex one that exists.
It's a perfectly spherical area spreading over large parts of a few layers, that grows at an accelerating speed.
There are no plants or animals in Grayness.
In most cases, no animal would even let anyone take it there.
  The landscape is filled with grey buildings that look like they could crumble at any moment.
If you come across any body of water there, even if at some point it was a river, it will be almost completely still.
No food from the area touched by Grayness will bring any nutrition, so no one goes to scavenge there.   Its name comes from the three properties it has: the suppression, burden, and decay.  


This property touches mostly living beings.
Anyone who enters the Grayness will soon notice that their senses don't work as they should.
Food starts to lose its taste, colors seem to fade and the sound doesn't travel as far.
Complete lack of smells in the Grayness can be nauseating for some people.
The longer someone spends in the Grayness the more suppression afflicts them.
If someone spends too much time in the area or moves through it too often without breaks for regeneration, it could even lead to permanent damage or loss of senses.
  But suppression doesn't affect only senses.
It affects every life function of organisms.
The living stop growing, however, they also stop regenerating.
Wounds don't heal, sleep doesn't bring rest, the body stops taking nutrients from food and producing metabolites.
At some point, the body simply gives up.  


This property affects only living beings.
The burden touches the mind.
First, it shows up as a doubt.
You start to doubt your goal, your journey, your life.
Then, you start to lose hope.
And then, the burden "attacks".
You lose energy, every step becomes harder than the last one.
You just want to give up and lie on the floor.
Those who do, become afflicted by suppression and decay at a much faster rate.  


The property that touches mostly inorganic matter.
As the name suggests it quickens the degradation of anything.
The metal rusts, the rock crumbles, the threads tear apart.
Some things lose their properties, for example, things that normally float on the surface of the water will now sink, anything glued falls off, anything sharp becomes blunt.

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Cover image: Call of the Tree by Revyera


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