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Giant tangle of plants,
Filled with millions of colors, smells, and tastes, A place that hates animals.
  The Jungle is one of the four great anomalies. Just like the other three (Junkyard, Grayness, and Red Sea), it is unique to other anomalies as instead of moving and changing their size, all of the four spread instead.   Just like with the Red Sea, people fear what will happen if the Jungle reaches the places covered with the Glow of The Tree, which normally speeds up the growth of plants. That is why its growth is regularly slowed down with the use of the teams equipped with flamethrowers. Task, which is very dangerous, as the Jungle fights back.  

One plant or many

It is unknown whether the Jungle is a singular organism, many organisms posing as one, or is it an area that simply speeds up the growth and manifests the variety of plant species.  

It hates us

Entering the Jungle without any protection is a death sentence. The plants seem to detect the intruders and attack them. If not with their branches, vines, and thorns, then with various poisonous gases and needles. Some of them produce lures, both in form of smells, and sounds, and even by quickly flashing colors or producing baits that look like other living beings or even humans. These lures can lead to carnivorous plants such as pitcher plants, flytraps, or sundews. And sometimes just into a pit filled with spiky roots or just deep enough for a fall to kill someone.   But even if someone or something manages to survive all of those things, they have to watch out, as some of the plants might start to grow on them, some of them capable of getting through very tiny gaps. So it is possible to see the "undead" animals and people controlled by the plants inside and outside their bodies. Those poor "flower zombies" are often used by the Jungle to spread out its influence even further, as they can carry seeds on and within them. This is why even the suits used to enter the proximity of the Jungle are often burned as soon as people take them off.
Alternative Name(s)
The Forest, The Plant that hates
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Cover image: Call of the Tree by Revyera


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