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The Depths

The place of thousand breaths and no light.
Where the murmurs of those who crawl don't stop.
Where you die and never see it coming.
  The lowest layers that are known to the people of The Pit are completely shrouded in darkness. The shine of The Tree doesn't reach here, so there are a lot of beasts here.


The deeper it gets in The Depths, the fewer buildings will show up here, and the more The Pit starts to look like a proper system of cave tunnels. Even the passages between the layers, such as stairs, elevators, and escalators stop showing up here.
Because of that, anyone who wants to traverse the Depths should take climbing gear with them.   Carrying the light is both advised and seen as a death sentence. That is because the light will help to traverse this place and not fall into one of many pits, but it can be seen by anything from a very big distance.

Fauna & Flora


Despite being in complete darkness, far away from the light of The Tree, there are various rare plants growing here.
Some of them don't need any light, feeding completely on what is around them. There are even plants that start to feed on living beings.
Some create their own light (bioluminescence) facing the bigger risk of being eaten. But they also grow very fast and spread their seed when shaken, so being eaten helps them.
Some grow on the Elemental Crystals while drawing the energy out of them.  


The Depths are completely filled with beasts, both small and large. The larger ones tend to show up closer to the main shaft of The Pit and on the high-ceiling layers where there's more space for them to move. In other places, it's more common to find smaller species.
It is rumored that deep down there, on the border of The Tree's influence, there is a nest, from which every monster came. It's also rumored that some of the creatures possess human-level intelligence and are capable of speaking.   There are tribes and settlements of people crazy enough to live here. The outsiders call them the People of the Depths.
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