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Luminescent tattoos

While most of the tribes inhabiting The Depths tend to try to completely hide their presence from any possible threats both inside and outside their settlements, the people of the hunting tribes tend to do quite the opposite when going out for a hunt. They don the armor made out of monster parts and paint it with luminescent dyes to reflect the tattoos that cover their bodies.
Tattoos each hunter receives when old enough to go on their first hunt.  

The ceremony

Once someone finishes their training and reaches a certain age (depending on the tribe), they are brought either to the artist of the tribe or someone with the most medical knowledge. While their skin is inked, the rest of the tribe prepares a celebration party, so when they finally step out of the tent/building, a feast can begin. The celebration usually lasts for the whole day and during it, people share the stories from their hunts, compare their tattoos, sing, and dance. It all ends at the end of the day, so the young hunter can fully rest before their first hunt.   For the next months, they will join older hunters to gain experience and learn from them in practice. If the tribe is big enough that they can have more than one team of hunters, the young hunter is then moved to the other team so the older hunters can train another person.

Components and tools

Needles and luminescent paints made out of natural dyes or blood of hunted beasts or plants growing in the area.
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Mimicking the predators

The patterns of the luminescent tattoos depend on the tribe and creatures leaving around their layer. Some paint each hunter the same way to mimic a pack of smaller predators moving together. Some paint each one of them a different way as to deceive the more intelligent beings that they are a pack of different creatures working together. More organized groups of hunters often decide to paint each member as a part of a bigger monster to scare off smaller threats. And while all of those methods could still attract some unwanted attention, they are a way to lower the chance of some of the encounters, even if by a small amount.

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