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People of the Depths

"The lowest layers of The Pit - The Depths are very dangerous place.
Neither sunlight or The Tree's light reaches there. Additionally, it's filled with creatures, ghosts, and anomalies no human eye has seen.
As such, you would have to be crazy to live there.   Let me tell you about the People of the Depths, the madmen who do exactly that.   So how to recognize them?
Well, there are two types of them:
-The first type is those who try to survive in the Depths by hiding. They often wear dark clothes with patterns resembling cave walls.
They are sneaky, quiet and can disappear if you look away even for a second.
Most of them suffer from Elemental Sickness caused by Shadow.
  -The second type is those who fight with and hunt the things that live in the Depths.
They are brash, ruthless and wild. They wear light armor made out of the beast they defeated.
They also paint their bodies and clothes with paints that glow in the dark.
Just as the hiding ones, they affect their bodies with effects of elements, but they use those that can increase their fighting capabilities.   What do they eat? The hiding ones either farm the mushrooms, hunt small things or steal from beasts of The Depths. The hunting ones, well...they hunt.   So why do people not like them?
Think about that, kid. We have here people crazy enough to live in that hellhole, fighting with whatever creeps in there, changing their bodies to survive there, and suddenly, one or more of them move to the higher layers. What kind of nightmare would cause that? Is it going after them? I know one thing, I don't want to know. And even if they do that only to relax, most of those guys are real creeps."


Average technological level

Just like with the settlements from higher layers, their technology level can vary from stone age to modern age, depending on what they find and scavenge from surrounding them ruins.

Coming of Age Rites

The Hunters send their soon-to-be adults on their first hunt of the big beast.
The Hiders send them to steal from the monster's nest.

Funerary and Memorial customs

They don't really have any funeral rituals as no one lives there to the old age.
And the ones that die, become monster feed very fast.
Some colonies write the names of the dead on the walls with glowing in the dark paints to remember them.


Beauty Ideals

For the fighting ones, the more muscular and scarred you are, the more attractive you are to them. Why? Because it means you survived.
They also like if you wear the pendants, clothes or armor made of big beasts.
Additionally, wearing more bioluminescent paint on yourself makes them think you are very brave (I would rather call you crazy).

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Cover image: Call of the Tree by Revyera


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