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People of the Depths

The lowest layers of The Pit - The Depths are very dangerous place.
Neither sunlight or The Tree's protecting glow reaches there. It's filled with creatures, ghosts, and anomalies no human eye has seen.
As many people from the higher layers say, you would have to be crazy to live there.   And yet, there are People of the Depths, the madmen who do exactly that.  

Four ways of survival

The tribes that live in Depths found four main strategies to survive the hostile environment of the Depths.  

Survival through shadows

Those are the tribes who mostly abandon the light in their daily lives. The shadow tribes are mostly nomadic, migrating whenever some kind of danger moves too close to their current place of stay.
Members of shadow tribes wear clothes that liken them to the rocks around them. To increase their hiding abilities, most of them start to affect their bodies with the Shadow Element to the point where a lot of them suffer from Elemental Sickness.

Survival through adaptation

The predator tribes adapted to the harsh and brutal way of living in The Depths. Instead of living like prey and hiding from danger, they hunt things that lurk in the dark and use their parts to become even stronger. They value strength, cunningness, and instinct. They are one of the toughest people in The Pit.
Members of the predator tribes often cover their bodies with luminescent paints and parts of the prey they hunted. Many of them affect their bodies with Elements to increase their abilities and chances of survival.

Survival through the Glow

The Glowbearer tribes take the Glow, a protective light created by The Tree, and carry it to the places where it would never reach. Instead of changing their bodies like shadow tribes or predator tribes, they create areas of influence that are safe from most of the creatures of The Depths. Their tribes are often visited by those who decide to go deeper and want to rest a little in peace.
The Glowbearers depend heavily on the production of Glow-based lights in the City of Lights. The lights themselves are heavily protected in reinforced structures that protect them from more intelligent or durable monsters.

Survival through environment

The last type of tribes, the terraformers, seek the places that are naturally safer from the dangers of The Depths and either further modify them to make them even safer or adapt to them themselves. Places protected by pockets filled with deadly gases, pools of acid, mushroom spores. Some even decide to create structures suspended in the main shaft of The Pit as no creature that comes from it is able to fly there.
Terraformers are also one of the most tech-savvy tribes, creating equipment that helps them survive in dangerous places and using the newest technologies to increase their chances of survival.
Diverged ethnicities

Diet of The Depths

There is almost no light in The Depths. Depending on the technological level of their tribes, people living there survive either by hunting themselves, eating what other creatures hunted, growing mushrooms or by creating farms growing under artificial light.  

Saying goodbye to the dead

In most cases, if someone dies in The Depths, there is not much to recover. As such, tribes very rarely create the graveyards, especially since the smell of the dead could lure more monsters towards them. Instead, People of the Depths create walls covered with the names they lost to remember them. The names are either carved in the stone or painted on it with luminescent paints.  

Bad omens

Think about that, kid. We have here people crazy enough to live in that hellhole, fighting with whatever creeps in there, changing their bodies to survive there, and suddenly, one or more of them move to the higher layers. What kind of nightmare would cause that? Is it going after them? I know one thing, I don't want to know. And even if they do that only to relax, most of those guys are real creeps.

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