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The Layer of Factories

Most of the layers of The Pit don't have any order to them. There could be desert right next to the modern city, which also would be adjacent to Roman aqueducts that look like they were pulled in here a few days after they were built. In the upper parts of the Tree layers, there is a layer that deviates from that rule. A layer that is almost orderly, because it shares its theme on all its span.   The Layer of Factories.   As its name suggests, this layer is completely covered by factories, production lines, ironworks, and warehouses. A big part of those is still in the working condition (some operate without the need for humans). Because of that, it's the second best place to find anything that could be created by humans or machines (after the Junkyard), mostly weapons, clothes, spare parts and different types of sweets (but weirdly no other food-related stuff). The safest way to traverse the Factory Layer is to use the labyrinth of catwalks hanging above the production areas. Just like in a normal factory, it is advised to wear some sort of head protection and to watch out where you are going as some areas could be under the maintenance and there were cases were someone was walking near the pipes that couldn't withstand the pressure inside them anymore, which ended in one explosion and one dead body.   Another thing to watch out for would be the security systems of the factories. Most of them don't work. However, sometimes you can encounter still functioning mechanical guards or even simple alarms that could attract the unwanted attention of inhabitants of a given building.   There are two rumors regarding this layer.
First one says about the giant mechanical beast that traverses this layer, destroying everything in its path and converting it to its fuel, both inorganic and organic.
The second one says about the tribe of people, who have metal jaws and were cursed to consume the scrap, living there.


There are many wonders on this layer.
Starting from the middle of The Pit, there are drain pipes that release the water into the main shaft of The Pit, creating many waterfalls. Seen from below, the shine of The Tree hitting the waterfalls creates many rainbows that can be seen during days for the bigger part of the year. These pipes transport the water to cool down the machinery on the whole layer. Following them in any direction for 100 to 200 meters leads you to one of the hundreds of elevator shafts leading to the layer above and below. About half of them works but the other half still can be used to go lower or higher if one is athletic enough to use the ladders for a very long time without the place to rest midway.   Beyond those elevators, the factory buildings start, with catwalks spreading around, inside, and between them. If you somehow get on the roof of one of the buildings, you can see the forest of tall, colorful chimneys spitting out white clouds. This steam clouds are one of the reasons why it often rains on this layer.   This layer is always full of sounds. There are clangs, rattles, whistles, and buzzes. But when the rain starts, the pipes begin their singing. Raindrops hitting them produce the music that couldn't be heard anywhere else. That music sometimes can influence the reality, similar to the The Magic of the Song.   The farther you go from the main shaft, the hotter it gets.

Fauna & Flora

For the first few years of the Awakening, there were a lot of rats, cats and other animals that could be seen in the factories here. It was mainly thanks to the canteens of the factories and food production lines that those animals could survive here.
However, after a few years, all of that food has been either eaten, plundered or it has rotten. And with it disappearing, most of the animals moved to the other parts of The Pit.   There can be simple singular plants growing through the cracks in the floors and the moss on the walls. Besides those few things, the ground here is pretty barren.

Natural Resources

Almost everything that can be created in factories can be found here.
There is metal, electronics, wood from the furniture, clothes materials and the list goes on.
Alternative Name(s)
The Factory Layer, The Layer of Steam and Gears
Underground / Subterranean
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