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The Grand Mall

"The Grand Mall even now is a breathtaking place, from afar and from inside.
However not many people go there, they are not that crazy.
Just like almost every building in The Pit, it is cut out from some other place.
Maybe from the Surface.
Maybe from an entirely different place.
"   "What was it? Oh, yeah, I forget you only know The Pit, kid.
It was a giant complex of shops, restaurants and other places, where people and their families went to buy things and relax on their days free of work.
Almost every city had a place like that.
"   "But now it's a ruin.
The first floor of it is completely submerged in water, there is no power and there are things in the dark.
They had mannequins, light humanlike statues used as clothing displays that walked around the shop.
Well, they still walk, but they are pretty hostile and dangerous.
So no one goes there.
Besides, there is no point going there anyway, unless you want some clothes that people wore who knows how long ago, some rotten food or building materials that were in the water for at least last 15 years.
Don't go there, kid.
Look at it from some far place, but don't go there."

Purpose / Function

The Grand Mall was once a place where people went shopping, eat and relax.
It had clothing shops, home improvement shops, and shops with curiosities.
It had restaurants, fast foods, and food stalls.
It had cinemas, pools, bowling alleys and more.


Outer walls are made out of red brick as Grand Mall was repurposed factory.
The main building has two big skylight areas, with fountains, benches, and gardens.
Every shop had different design suiting its brand.
Way before Year 0
Shopping mall / Commercial Complex
Parent Location

Cover image: Call of the Tree by Revyera


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