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Anomaly 'Wellspring'

In the vast desert that is The Surface, far away from the safety of The Tree, the Elements manifest way rarer than anywhere else. When they do, they form either oases, glass planes, or other interesting locations. And while the oasis might serve as a momentary relief from the thirst and the deadly sun, staying at them for longer is impossible as it attracts Beasts from Above. But there is one place, a place so full of life and yet completely safe from danger, both of the sun and the Beasts. The place only a few lucky ones have found but can never find again.   An Anomaly called Wellspring.  

Why it's called an anomaly


First thing first, just like anomalies, it moves. And while most of the anomalies move continuously, Wellspring belongs to the rarer type which moves by doing "leaps" every so often. Anything that stays within the radius of the anomaly will stay within it during and after the leap. However, should someone leave the anomaly even for a second after it made a leap, they will find themselves in the place they first entered the Wellspring, with anomaly nowhere to be seen.
While Wellspring can move anywhere in The Pit, for some reason almost all of the reports of the people who have seen it came only from The Surface.  


The Wellspring anomaly has an interesting property. Should anyone or anything hostile towards anyone or anything within the anomaly enter its radius they will be expelled from its territory and instead of it, the hostile being will experience the leap. This also affects anything that's already within the area affected by the anomaly. In this way, the number of living beings within it regulates itself periodically.
While there are no carnivores here, should a number of herbivores grow, they often start to fight for territory between each other. Because of that, they are thrown outside and their numbers drop again before it happens again.  


The conditions within the anomaly are completely different from that outside of it. First, the corrosive properties of the sunlight of the sun are completely neutralized. Second, there is a stable temperature that is comfortable for all the beings within the anomaly at once. Because of that, the flora growing here belongs to many different climates.  

Biodiversity of Wellspring

Even when compared to the random nature of The Pit, where a jungle can be found within the ruins of the city next to the glacier, nothing compares to the Wellspring. The number of plants and animals contained within this 1 km diameter circle is astonishing. The tundra lichens and steppe grasses growing next to cacti and palms, natural plants growing next to the ones modified by the influence of Elements, herbivores which don't have to fear that they'll be eaten by predators. And in the center of it all, a deep pond where both the saltwater and freshwater fish swim together. This place is a dream for anyone who wants to study the fauna and flora.
Location under


While other anomalies tend to grow with each passing year, some by a few centimeters and some by tens of meters, this one doesn't. It's a mystery why, but every time someone managed to measure it from one side to another, even in the places marked by those before them, its size always stays the same.  

Possible danger

Those who try to study the Wellspring anomaly live in a silent fear related to its leaping property. On the lower layers, there is an ever-consuming and rapidly growing anomaly - the Red Sea. If Wellspring ever leaps to the location that is covered by the Red Sea, it might consider it as a hostile being and throw it anywhere else in The Pit. This could lead to a catastrophe and potential apocalyptic scenario as holding off and slowing down the progress of one Red Sea already uses up a lot of resources.  
On possible creation of Wellspring
If the theory presented within "On creation of anomalies" by Dr. Dylon I. Shere that The Magic of the Song is capable of creating the anomalies if the tune is so constant that it permeates the area itself is true, there is one known Song which could have created Wellspring. The song of refuge, which creates a field that protects from enemy attacks. It still wouldn't explain why it has the ability to leap, though.

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