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"On creation of anomalies" by Dr. Dylon I. Shere

During the 14th year of Awakening a group of researchers found a tablet computer with one recorded file on it. Said file was encrypted, however, almost after a year of effort parts of the text that it contained have been deciphered. It revealed a plausible hypothesis related to the creation of anomalies and the The Magic of the Song formed by Dr. Dylon I. Shere.   This discovery completely changed how the anomalies are perceived. Knowing the way they are created, is it possible to prevent new ones from forming? Is it possible to artificially create beneficial anomalies? And is it possible to neutralize the already existing ones, especially the four great anomalies?   But the biggest question that remains is... Who is Dr. Dylon I. Shere?
No person with this name or title is known among the people specializing in anomaly research. Even the Song Recorders claim that they were never contacted by this person, even if their study correctly references their discoveries.
Study, Scientific
Digital Recording, Text

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Cover image: Call of the Tree by Revyera


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