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Temple of The Black Sun

The Cult of the Black Sun is a plague that slowly spreads all around The Pit, forcing people to join them or killing them. What's weird about them is that it is probably not the first time they have shown up. There's evidence that even before the Awakening 15 years ago there might have been another group of cultists calling themself the same name and doing the same things their current iteration does now.   The greatest piece of that evidence is the great Temple of The Black Sun.  


The 36th layer above the City of Middlepoint is about 20 meters tall and a lot of its terrain just around the main shaft of The Pit consists of labyrinths consisting of cliffs that reach its ceiling. Should one pick the right (or wrong if they didn't plan to get there) path, they'll encounter a little more open area which is a dead end. The Temple is carved into one of the walls of said dead end.  


The whole temple seems to be carved out of sandstone and made in gothic style. Just from the outside one can see hundreds of spires connected by arches, each one of them decorated with symbols of the Black Sun.   On the inside, the building consists of four naves of equal lengths with a platform in the middle. Each of the naves has 2 rows of benches with enough space between them for a procession to move freely. On each side of each bench, there are 2 pillars connecting to the ceiling where ribbed vaults have been carved. Above the platform in the middle, there is an opening in the ceiling which lets one see the sky above The Pit. How is that possible is unknown as there are still many layers above the one where the temple has been built with no chimneys or towers which could lead up to The Surface.  


According to the cultists, when a certain ritual is performed within the temple, the Black Sun will finally be summoned, freeing its worshippers from the prison of The Tree which doesn't let anyone leave The Pit. That is why they guard the temple day and night, not letting anyone get close to it.
Cathedral / Great temple
Parent Location
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