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The City of Middlepoint

The City of Middlepoint, the city in midway from Surface to Deep, the place closest to The Tree.
It's the largest city in The Pit.
It's the place where people who believe that The Tree grants wishes go to one day to have a head start.
It's the place where people who want to live in a safer place to go to live.
It's the place where people who believe in the godhood of The Tree The Guardians of The Tree go on a pilgrimage.
It's the place where people who want to get stronger go to train.


Middlepoint is run by democratically elected Mayor, who rules for four years.


The proximity of The Tree renders the chance of attack by monsters impossible.
There are three inner walls and one outer wall that create choke points in case of attack.
The city also owns the greatest armed force in The Pit serving to protect it and the surrounding settlements on the same layer.

Industry & Trade

A lot of money the city has comes from tourism, pilgrimages, and tutoring.
However, that doesn't mean there aren't any other ways people make money here.
As the greatest city of The Pit, it has the biggest area converted into farmlands.
However, the factories and other industrial buildings were built in a distance from the city to not pollute the area near The Tree.

Guilds and Factions

There are many guilds teaching various skills to those who can pay.


The city was created in late seasons of the first year of Awakening.
First 4 years of its existence most of its infrastructures were renovated and some areas were terraformed.
During those years, the city was attacked twice by the outside forces (once by The Cult of the Black Sun).
Sudden cash flow from anonymous nobleman greatly accelerated the growth of the Middlepoint and thanks to it, in the next five years the city doubled its area.
After that, the growth slowed down.


Most of the buildings of Middlepoint consist of renovated buildings of The Pit so there is no consistent architectural style.
Alternative Name(s)
Middlepoint, The Halfway
Large city
15,000 people

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Cover image: Call of the Tree by Revyera


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