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The Shredder

Terror of the Layer of Factories

Two men were searching through the mountains of scrap.
"So you say it should be here?"
"Yes, Simmons said that the generator parts would be located here."
"Well, they're not ███████ here."
They decided to take a short break.
"Three hours wasted. I'm gonna kick Simmons' ass when I see him."
"At least we got some good looking bulbs."
"Well, they're not going to do anything if the generator doesn't work."
"Hey, you hear that?"
"Hear what?"
"It sounds like something's getting closer to us."
The Layer of Factories is filled with secrets and various technologies. From the mountains of cans and furniture, to automatically working production lines, it's a paradise for anyone looking for things made with the help of the machines. However, even this Layer is not without its share of dangers.
And the greatest of them is the mythical Shredder. A giant, mobile machine, destroying everything in its path and using it as its fuel.  

The main body

"Richie, run! If it gets you it's the end!"
"I can't, Sam! Run without me!"
"Richie! Don't █████ with me! Richie!
The shredder is a 10x10x50 meters metal box on tracks.
It is able to traverse any kind of terrain without slowing down.
On it's front, there are hundreds of saws, compactors, and grinders forming its maw. Anything that gets close to it can get sucked in just by the pressure created by spinning parts.
"Oh gods, what I'm going to say to Richie's family?"
The man was exhausted. He needed to take a short break from running away.
"Wait. What's that noise?"
Maximum Speed:
80 km/h in the open,
20 km/h when eating

Detection of life

For some reason, whenever any living being is in the range of 300 meters of the Shredder, the machine will prioritize chasing and killing it over other sources of energy, even the fuel, and electricity. To this day, it is unknown how it detects life and why it chooses it as its target.  

Fuel conversion

The most popular theory says that anything the Shredder catches and destroys is converted into the source of its power.
Another possibility would be that there is some unknown ancient generator inside of it. If that theory is true, then anyone that defeats the Shredder and claims it could become the richest person in The Pit.  

Hundreds of arms

The sides of the Shredder are covered with hundreds of different arms that constantly move.
Some have claws and other grappling parts at their ends, which the machine uses to catch its prey.
Others have claws, drills, and wrecking balls used to destroy obstacles in its path.
It even uses some of its arms to climb the walls of the buildings.

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