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An enormous heap of junk,
The place where all things lost can be found,
But you can lose yourself in the process.
  Junkyard is one of the four great anomalies (Anomaly) with the Red Sea, Grayness and Jungle.
Just like other great anomalies, it grows to find more things to sate its hunger.
  Junkyard has two special traits that work within its bounds.  

The Angler

As soon as someone enters the Junkyard they start to feel as if there is something they have lost there.
A thought appears in their head, saying "come closer, it's right behind the corner" and with every passing second it is harder and harder to resist that thought.
Even when in the group, one of its members can suddenly start running into the darkness of the Junkyard.

The Assimilation

When any living being spends too much time in the Junkyard, the Junkyard starts to change them to make them suit the area more. Eyes become more glass- or porcelain-like, the hair turns to wires or cables, fingernails become plastic. After some time, both the outside and inside of their body is made out of trash, but they are still living.
But they can never leave the junkyard or they will fall apart like the pile of junk they have become.


It forms into a maze-like canyon made out of stuff people lost and trash. It's very easy to get lost here.
Especially since the place lures you with the promise of finding something you have lost. If there are buildings of The Pit in its path, the junk begins to accumulate around its walls and floor. Once the whole building is covered in trash, the Junkyard will start to fill it until it's just another big pile of trash.
The same thing will happen to more natural things, such as rivers and canyons it encounters.
It will grow like that:
Covering the ground and walls -> Filling it -> Moving to another obstacle

Fauna & Flora


A lot of animals and beasts are stuck here, assimilated by the Junkyard.
Their metal fangs and claws and electronic eyes await for the next prey entering their territory.
Their bodies are made out of things that make them hard to kill.
Sheets made out of carbon fibers or piles of scrap aren't easy to pierce.   There are also humans, whose bodies stopped being human.
They can survive without eating, but they long for any taste they could feel.
Some of them can be reasoned and talked with. They will often want to trade for something out of the Junkyard like normal food.
Some of them become cannibals, hunting the outsiders.
Some are so entranced by the Angler ability of the Junkyard, that they just walk trying to find the thing they lost, even if the last thing they search for is their humanity.  


This anomaly is filled with the plants it consumed and turned into junk. Almost on every step, it is possible to see flowers made out of wires and cut tin cans or trees made out of coat hangers and streetlamps with leaves made out of glass.

Natural Resources

If anyone looks for metal, wood, plastic or glass, this is the place for them. Junkyard has an almost infinite source of them and there is no danger coming from bringing them anywhere else.
What the Angler promises isn't an empty promise. Junkyard really has things that people lost in their lives, but one has to be extremely lucky to find them before they will assimilate.
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