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Gasfield tribe

The poisonous gases filling the Miasmatic caldera are pretty dense, so they keep close to the ground. Because of that, any place that is elevated more than a few meters in said caldera tends to be safe from them. One of the tribes of The Depths decided that such a place would be a perfect location for them to inhabit.  

Houses and bridges

While the hill they inhabit is pretty safe, members of the gasfield tribe built their houses on stilts to even further increase their safety. A web of bridges between them creates walkways they use daily. To access the tribe, there are two ways. The first one is to walk by foot through the poisonous gases of the Miasmatic caldera and ask to be lifted up with a pulley elevator. The second one is to use the bridges the tribes built to safely access the outside of the caldera without touching the ground. However, the bridge is guarded and parts of it are removed by the guards who chose who can go through it.  

Daily lives

Members of the gasfield tribe lead pretty calm lives. Most of the really dangerous creatures tend to stay away from the Miasmatic caldera, while they are used to dealing with the ones native to it. Most of them are researchers. Their diet consists of creatures dwelling in the caldera and in the areas around it, and of many young plants growing there (as many of them aren't poisonous before they reach a certain stage of their growth).
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Thanks to studying various poisons and creatures capable of surviving them, the gasfield tribe produces one of the best gas masks and suits protecting against gases and toxins. Additionally, they are creators of many poison-based weapons. And although some may say that creation of them is unethical, no one will complain when a nest of monsters is eradiated by one well-placed gas bomb or by pumping a "pesticide" into their cave.

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