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Radio F(T)ree Waves

"And so another day begins in The Pit, and another day full of music.
Our dear listeners, grab your coffee mugs, eat your breakfasts and we hope you'll enjoy some of these tunes..."
— Sprout, morning radio host of RF(T)W.
People need entertainment throughout their daily life. No matter if they are city dwellers, farmers, bandits, or explorers, at the end of the day, they all can listen to Radio F(T)ree Waves.
To listen to RF(T)W one only needs a working radio receiver as its signal reaches every, even the darkest, parts of the Pit.
The station offers an enormous library of music. It is rumored that its members found the shop with various albums or the albums were already there when they found the radio station.  

The Radio station

"We just received a dedication for lovely Diuna. Hope you have a good day and happy shopping to you."
No one knows where the HQ of RF(T)W is located, how to contact it or who are its members besides the 6 hosts.
Each of the hosts works 8-hour shifts in pairs. They all have extensive knowledge of all of the things that happen all around the Pit, even half an hour after they happened, and most of the people living there, even their current location.

The contests

Man was hiding in the ruins of a building.
Just a few moments ago, most of the members of the caravan he was in have been torn into pieces by some creature.
The only things he could hear were the sounds of the creature eating his comrades and the noise of old radio playing in the room he was in.
The radio started changing stations and soon he heard the familiar voice. The voice of the Radio F(T)ree Waves host, Twig:
"And now's the time for another one of our famous contests. As always, we're going to pick a lucky listener and call them. If they know the answer to our question, an amazing prize awaits them. So now that you know the rules, we're going to call the contestant." Suddenly, the old phone standing on a small coffee table started ringing.
The creature outside stopped eating.
"Come on, Robbie", said radio host. "You don't want to be eaten like the rest of the caravan, right?"
The man was terrified. How the hell did they know not only his name but also what happened to his companions?
He moved towards the phone and looked at its receiver. The cable was cut. In spite of his common sense, he picked it up.
"Finally, Robbie, we thought you would never pick up. So our question for today is: What's the name of the biggest crime syndicate in the Pit?"
"Wait...How? How did y-"
"You want to get out of there, right, Robbie? Then answer the question."
The man heard the sound of giant footsteps getting closer. "It's the Spider's Gang!"
"And that's the right answer! Enjoy your prize!"
The creature entered the room. It was completely empty, except for a broken radio and phone standing on a coffee table. It went back to its meal.
Founding Date
2nd-3rd year of Awakening
Broadcasting, Radio
Alternative Names
The Pit

Radio Hosts

Sprout - male morning host with a soothing voice who loves to share tips and rumors from all parts of the Pit.
Sapling - energetic young host, who always works with Sprout. He often naively believes in the things Sprout says jokingly.
Branch - the oldest of the hosts, she is the one sharing the news of everything that happened in the Pit.
Twig - Branch's husband, he takes care of the phone calls, all of the contests, and reading letters from fans.
Leaf - usually calm and quiet, this night host really livens up whenever he takes part in radio drama.
Root - a loud punk girl who loves to flirt with Leaf. Whenever he answers her attempts at flirting, she gets really flustered.  

Radio Dramas

Through the years of radio's activity, its members organized various late-night radio dramas.
One of the first ones told the story of the invasion of the The Surface beasts on the rest of the Pit.
As the people didn't know it was just a radio drama, it caused a panic everywhere where someone listened to it.
Since then, the radio hosts warn the listeners every time they create a new radio drama.
Listeners can expect a new show every week. Most of the dramas last for 6-7 weeks, however, there were those as short as 1 week and one that lasted for an entire year.

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