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Spider's Gang

Spider's gang consists of the teams of gangsters, assassins, fencers, black market trade routes, and intelligence network so dense, not a fly would pass through it without Spider's notice.


The organization is ruled by the Spider and four of his most trusted bodyguards. Each one of them deals with other activities of the gang.
Boulder provides the protection to the businesses of The Pit (for a fee, of course).
Ghost specializes in collecting any information known in The Pit. His spies are everywhere.
Tunneler deals with black market and distribution of contraband.
Crimson Lily shows up when someone needs a little persuasion (especially the explosive kind of persuasion). She and her people also deal with assassination contracts.   It is rumored that there is a secret consigliere that contacts those four in the name of the Spider, whenever they are not with him. He also helps with pushing them in the right direction to maximize the gains of the gang.   Under the four pillars of the organization, there are many capos controlling the teams of hundreds of soldiers.
Spider cares for all of them as they all are his property. He will give their families complete protection, find the right doctor in time of sickness, and send his lawyers if they have a problem with the law.

Public Agenda

The gang listens to Spider's will.
They want to gain control over everything and earn as much money as possible.
But they also have to care for things that belong to the Spider. If there are problems related to his possessions, he will do anything to solve them, for he cares about everything he owns.
As such, if any of his people start to act too rowdy, hurt the people of his businesses or try to extort any additional protection fees, he will terminate their contract without hesitation.


Right now, most of the businesses, rulers, and armies are in the hands of the Spider.
He could say one word and they wouldn't be able to resist his will.


Just as The Spider showed up in The Pit, he started gathering any information he could.
The first thing he used it for, was to find and recruit four really strong people.
First, he found the place famous for its pit fights, where the tournament was currently held.
There, he met the Boulder, a grand champion, and made a bet with him. If he won, the Boulder would work for him. He only needed to defeat every other contestant before him. And so he did.
Then, he heard about the Ghost, a master thief that was never caught or seen. For the next month, he stole every target the Ghost wanted to steal just a few hours before him. Finally, Ghost contacted him and agreed to work with the Spider.
Third was a Tunneler, a man from the Depths, who controlled the black market and the biggest gambling den.
One thing the Tunneler can't resist is a risk related to gambling. So they gambled on something the Spider wouldn't have chance of winning. And yet he won.
Last, he heard about the Homunculus gone serial killer and terrorist, Crimson Lily. He didn't really have to convince her to join him, as she heard about his exploits. And she liked what she heard.   Since then, Spider's Gang started gaining more and more followers with each passing year.
Now they are the biggest criminal organization in The Pit.

"The Spider listens"

Illicit, Gang
Alternative Names
The Web
Notable Members

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