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"Tired of doing your housework? Do you use up so much Elements, that you need to fill your Crystals daily otherwise you won't be able to make a hot meal? Do you want to be safe from the Elements in the air? Or maybe you just want a companion or pet in your life?   We have something that will fulfill all of those needs. We introduce you to our new product, the Homunculi. What are they? Well, nothing much, except for the newest, greatest advancement the humans of The Pit have ever seen!   Why are they so great? Good question, my friends. And I am here to answer it.
Homunculi are artificial beings that have specially crafted Collectors' Crystals inside them that can absorb the Elements from the air. Even the simplest models are able to absorb and store three or more Elements at the same time. Now you won't have to deal with hundreds of Crystals filled with different Elements stored all over your house. But wait, there is more!
Homunculi are able to use a small percent of the power they have stored to move around wherever you want them to. You can take them for a short walk and when you return, you will have a full Crystal, right there with you. Did we say that one unit can be connected to up to 10 different devices at the same time?   But you may think to yourself right now, "How am I going to fit another device in my house?". Don't worry, we have a solution for you, for the progress we achieved in miniaturization has given us the ability to create models as small as 10 centimeters high. And then you may think, "Is that all? How is it going to help me with my housework?". Well, listen closely, my friends, because this will surprise you. If you want, we can install special modules inside your new unit of the homunculus. Those modules will let it clean your house, wash your dishes, do the shopping for you, paint you, speak or even think.   Why are you even waiting? Purchase your unit right now."
— commercial about Homunculi that was broadcasted all around The Pit.

5 companies

  As for now (15th year of the Awakening), there are 5 different companies involved in production and distribution of homunculi, each with different types and models.   Walking Cogs, Inc. - Models created by the Walking Cogs, Inc. are simple, sturdy and robotic. They are equipped with bodies that can resist a lot and move almost everywhere. As such they are often bought by miners and Crystal Collectors. If you value practicality over looks, Walking Cogs, Inc. is a company for you.   Small Friends, Co. - This company specializes in miniaturization and creating homunculi that look and act like little pets. They have almost no practical use, but they would be a great gift for your children or lover.   Three next companies create humanoid homunculi that can both help around in the household and act as companions to their owners.   Little Helpers, Co. - The homunculi of Little Helpers, Co. look mostly like dolls or mannequins.   Additionally, the homunculi produced by the next two companies are always equipped with the speech and thinking modules (unless the buyer wants otherwise) and have a full facial expression.   Fur and Fang, Inc. - For the people that are creeped out by the homunculi that look too much like humans, but still want to have help around the house, Fur and Fang, Inc. has a great choice of models that look like human-animal hybrids.   Almost Human, Inc. - This company tries to create the homunculi that are less and less indistinguishable from humanity with each new model. The main idea was to create new friends or recreate people that have been lost.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Their anatomy depends on the company that produced them and their model. They can vary from being just a box on legs or tracks, through looking like animals, both real and fantastical for inhuman ones. The humanoid ones can be either doll-like, animal-like or almost completely human.

Genetics and Reproduction

As living dolls, homunculi do not possess any methods of reproduction.

Ecology and Habitats

If the buyer wishes so (and for a reasonable surcharge), the newly produced homunculus can be equipped with the body that can resist the conditions prevailing in more extreme places of The Pit, such as high temperatures or pressure, falling debris and acid rain, and terrain that is hard to cross.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They do not need to eat. The Elements they collect are the only source of the energy they need to continue their work.

Additional Information


Homunculi are completely domesticated from the moment they were produced. The only exception could happen, if one of the most advanced models would malfunction in some way, damaging either the module responsible for marking, who is their owner, or the one that gives them the ability to think for themselves and describes their personality (in that case, they could start to act feral).

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Homunculi are popular in most places of The Pit.

Average Intelligence

The simplest models can only stay or follow their owners.
The most advanced ones can talk, do housework, play, think, and even create the things they want.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They are able to perceive the surroundings just as a human could, additionally they are equipped with scanners that let them detect the flow and density of the Elements in the area.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

The name of the unit depends solely on the choice of their owner.

Common Dress Code

Any clothing they wear is dependent on their owners' choice (simple ones) or their own choice (advanced ones). However, even the advanced models will prefer to wear the clothes their owners like.

Common Taboos

Homunculi cannot hurt their owner.
Unless they are equipped with specific module they cannot fight (both with humans and other beasts).
Generally, they cannot do anything they weren't programmed to.

Common Myths and Legends

Main hero of the legend about Captain Fliegel was a homunculus.

Their warranty lasts 5 years.
Average Height
10 - 200cm
Average Weight
300 grams - 80 kilograms

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