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One of the four bodyguards of the Spider.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

When the Baldur Awakened, he was very a tall and skinny young man.
After being bullied, he started to train his body and mind.
Now his body looks like a statue of a Greek god.

Body Features

Before contracting Earthen Elemental Sickness, all of his skin had a color of hazelnut. Now, his limbs and partially his torso have the color and texture of mahkam brown marble.

Facial Features

He has a strong, square jaw, full lips, and long, narrow nose.

Physical quirks

Whenever he relaxes, he crosses his arms and leans on the wall.

Apparel & Accessories

He has eyebrow rings.
He usually wears a black tank top and green cargo pants. Sometimes when he reads, he puts on his half-moon glasses.
When he works, he puts on a leather coat and trilby hat.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Just a few months after the Awakening, many people thought he was a freak and made fun of him. Some even bullied and beaten him just because he was a little different.
  So he decided to train. He exercised his body during days and after asking the local researcher to teach him read, he read books during nights. He shaped his body and his mind into the embodiment of strength. But then people started to fear him.
The only place that wanted to hire him was a mining company. While working there, his body absorbed a large amount of Earth Element energy and made him very sick. For days he was on the verge of death while his body changed. When he recovered, parts of his body transformed into their current look. That of the chiseled stone. Because of his absence, he was fired.   Now even more people thought of him as a monster. He was often attacked while walking on the streets, so he had to learn to defend himself. That's when he was noticed by some shady old guy who introduced him to the world of the underground fight club. With a new name, Boulder became the star of the show. He started to improve very fast and soon became the grand champion.   But everything changed when The Spider showed up and challenged the Boulder. If he won the fight, the Boulder would work for him. The Boulder got pretty arrogant after all of the fights he has won, so he thought that this lanky guy must be making some kind of joke. But he accepted the Spider's offer on the condition that Spider would first win against all other participants in the tournament. How big was his shock when the Spider defeated every single one of them. The fight of the Spider and the Boulder was very short. Even now Boulder thinks that the skill Spider showed that night wasn't even close to his true potential.   Since then, he works as the bodyguard of the Spider and one of the four pillars of his gang. His job is to take control over new businesses and protect them. He likes that job as his eloquence and friendly nature


For years he was reading different types of books and learned how to write. He is very well-spoken and can be quite diplomatic.


For a year he has been working for a mining company.
For five years he was fighting in the underground fight club.
For eight years he has been a member of the Spider's Gang.

Morality & Philosophy

He thinks that if he can avoid fighting in any way, he should try that way before doing anything else (unless that path leads through humiliation).
Thanks to the Spider, he stopped being so arrogant and instead started caring for everyone who is under his command and his protection.


He won't hurt anyone who is innocent in his eyes.

Personality Characteristics


He likes to keep the order wherever he is.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

He is really good at fighting and diplomacy. Additionally, thanks to him reading and experimenting with different stuff, he became a jack-of-all-trades in many skills. He is a lightweight drinker.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Spicy food, reading, to chit chat with shopkeepers Dislikes: Bitter food, unnecessary fights, loud people

Vices & Personality flaws

When really enraged, he will attack anything in his vicinity blindly, even if it will hurt him in the end.


He washes daily and often takes long baths.

Wealth & Financial state

Since becoming a grand champion he has been pretty wealthy. He owns houses in a few different settlements where he stores his books.

Biological Sex
Boulder likes women who are fit. He once said (while drunk) that he would marry a woman who would defeat him in a fight without thinking.
Light blue
Long neat straight brown dreadlocks
2.15 m
Aligned Organization
Spider's Gang

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