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The Spider

Lord of Venom, The Informant, Poisoner, Greedy One (a.k.a. Mikhail the Herbalist)

"So you want to know who he is? I would normally tell you to come to a more private place, but there is no place private enough to not reach his ears.
The Spider, the best informant in The Pit has his agents everywhere. Maybe even you are one of them, kid.
But that aside, he is a very dangerous man. Looking at his hair you would think he's an old man but looking at his face you would think he is at most in his late twenties."   "His name comes from two things. First is the fact that his intelligence network is like a web that no information will leave.
Second is the way he looks at people. What do I mean? He looks at them like a predator looks at prey. It's downright scary, kid."   "He is always surrounded by five people he trusts the most.
There's that girl with a crazy look in her eyes, the gloomy gentleman, someone who always hides in shadows, scrawny guy who's staying near the ground and his bodyguard, the guy who's well over 2m high. A real freak show if you ask me."   "Oh, and one last thing, kid. If you have any ability to perceive what normal humans don't see, don't look at him. You might see some shadow, something big and monstrous.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Immunity to every poison and venom. Additionally, his body can produce every toxin he has been subjected with liquids he secretes (spit, sweat).

Mental characteristics


  • He can read and write.
  • He is very good at crafting mixtures, both helpful and harmful
  • He can recognize most of the flora of The Pit and knows its properties.
  • Skillful actor


Undercover, he works as a herbalist.
During work hours he slouches, wears thick glasses and acts very shyly.   His real job is that of the best informant of The Pit and boss of the gang.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Numerous burglaries, taking control of the businesses and smaller crime groups or breaking up of those groups.
  • Providing information that can help or destroy other people (he "discovered" the location of The Tram Lines depot after those who found it "mysteriously disappeared").
  • A few assassinations.
  • The War of the Spider.

Intellectual Characteristics

Spider is very wordy and loves to bait people into giving him information without revealing anything himself.

Morality & Philosophy

As a very greedy person, he will not hesitate to get whatever he wants. He doesn't care for lives of other living beings and as such he often threatens, intimidates, tortures or uses the strength of his subordinates.   However, sometimes he finds some people entertaining to watch and helps them for a "reasonable" price.


Ironically, Mikhail hates spiders with passion and kills every one of them he sees.

Personality Characteristics


To own everything he wants.

Virtues & Personality perks

Cunning, good leadership skills, charisma, care for his few friends

Vices & Personality flaws

Greedy, ruthless


Contacts & Relations

"He has ears everywhere."

Family Ties

Very numerous family he despises.

Wealth & Financial state

A lot more than you would think anyone would own in the place called The Pit.
The Depths
Shoulder length, straight, gray hair
Quotes & Catchphrases
"What you would be willing to pay for that information?"

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Cover image: Call of the Tree by Revyera


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