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The Tree Spirits are one of the most mysterious beings of The Pit. These small humanoid beings are completely incorporeal and don't seem to notice the material world while scaring away most monsters with just their presence. For years people wondered what they really are. Are they real living beings or are they some kind of energy coming from The Tree that takes on a certain shape?   The mystery seems to grow even deeper as lately, on the 15th year of Awakening, a new subspecies of them has appeared. Similar in appearance to their "cousins", the Children of The Tree seem to be able to perceive the world around them and even materialize their bodies for short amounts of time.

Basic Information


Asides from a few minor differences, the Tree Kids are almost identical to the Tree Spirits.   They also are humanoid beings that reach between 60 and 100 cm in height. They also possess human-like hair and their whole bodies are almost completely white with markings and ends of their hair, toes, and fingers colored in various hues. Their bodies give out a faint glow.   While Tree Spirits possess only two branch-like horns, Spriggans usually possess way more of them growing out of their heads. They also have way more flowers growing out of their bodies, most spawning on those horns.   Their eyes seem to have very slightly visible irises of colors similar to the rest of their eye (which depends on the Elements present in the air) and the sclera of their eyes is white.   Whenever they materialize, their bodies become less transparent while their glow seems to become stronger.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Even when not materialized, Spriggans seem to watch the environment around them with curiosity. Whenever something piques their interest, be it an item, person, or something else, they materialize and approach the thing. In this form, they can interact with anything, though they don't seem to be stronger than a human child. In both forms, they are capable of floating and flying, even in the main shaft of The Pit, which breaks the "no flying in The Pit" law of nature.   While not reacting to sounds, they seem to somehow detect danger. Should they do that or if some sudden movement startles them, they immediately dematerialize.   Their touch seems soft and comforting.
Other names:
Tree kids, Tree folk, Children of The Tree
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Unknown, as it seems impossible to follow them for long or attach anything to them.
Geographic Distribution
Spriggans don't seem to reproduce, they just appear.

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