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The Tree Spirits

"The smallest, and one of the first children of The Tree (after The Guardians of The Tree, of which some legends tell), the Tree Spirits are mysterious creatures.
They live in the world as if nothing existed but their own kin and their parent.
They are completely incorporeal. Even for those who are incorporeal to us.
Their presence scares away any dangerous beasts and at the same time calms the hearts of people.
Because of that, they are seen as extremely good sign and some settlements revere them."   "People say those born under lucky star hear their lullabies before going to sleep.
They say the Tree Spirits smile to the people who one day will achieve something great.
Some even say The Wanderer is one of them."

Basic Information


Tree Spirits bear similarity to small humans. The smallest specimens measured 60cm (2ft) and the biggest 100cm (3ft 3 in).
Their skin and hair are almost completely white, with marks on their bodies or ends of hair, fingers, and toes colored in various hues.
Their bodies give out the faint white glow.
From their heads grow horn-like branches.
Singular flowers grow on their bodies. Their eyes don't have pupils and their color depends on the elements present in the environment.

Ecology and Habitats

Tree Spirits can show up anywhere in The Pit , either individually or in group of up to 4 specimens.
If they make contact with the others of their kin, they start dancing, singing and playing games similar to those known by human children, such as tag and hide-and-seek.

Biological Cycle

Depending on the growth cycle of The Tree, the branches on their heads grow, split, foliate and bloom.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

It is unknown if Tree Spirits perceive the world around them in any way.
They pass through obstacles as if they don't see them and they don't interact with any other species.
However, they can see and hear other Tree Spirits and The Tree itself.

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Cover image: Call of the Tree by Revyera


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