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Seekers of Truth

Before the idea of The Cult of the Black Sun was even born, first there were the Seekers of Truth. Led by a man of incredible charisma and unearthly green eyes, Aidan, they rejected the idea of The Tree being a benevolent being, and instead they wanted to discover the truth of The Pit.   Back then, Seekers were a peaceful group. They traveled together, looking for any info they could find, and even shared anything that could be beneficial with the people living in The Pit.  

The birth of the Cult of the Black Sun

And it seems like at some point, they have managed to find some kind of info they consider the truth. Records talking of the Black Sun, something that when summoned, would free the people of The Pit and the chosen ones would experience the paradise.   According to the rumors, Aidan, their leader, really didn't like what they have discovered that day. But his people, both friends, and followers, didn't listen to him anymore. And so he became the first sacrifice towards their new god. They both thanked him and mourned him as they killed him.   And though the group calling themselves the Seekers of Truth fell apart that day, a new, more sinister group showed up. The Cult of the Black Sun.
Founding date:
Few days after the Awakening.
Dissolution date:
Around the 3rd year after Awakening.


Seekers of Truth didn't really have any structure. It was first a group of friends, researchers, and explorers that traveled around The Pit. Even calling Aidan their leader was something unofficial, as he himself rejected the idea. Though when the group started to grow, more and more people believed that he really was their leader. And at some point, he was to tired of telling everyone he isn't.

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Cover image: Call of the Tree by Revyera


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