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Book of Blueprints

The Book of Blueprints, a collection of files from the civilizations that lived before Awakening, containing their knowledge.
All of the files are saved on the drives marked with The Tree symbol, which can be found literally anywhere in The Pit.
We found one in the Junkyard, a few in the Jungle, both People of the Depths and the Surface found some.
There was even one somehow preserved in the Red Sea.
  After we find them, we print them and distribute them all around The Pit.


There is a suspicion that previous civilizations wanted to preserve and distribute their knowledge, collecting learnings they discovered and the devices they created.
However, for some reason, all the files (or pages), were scattered all over The Pit.

Document Structure


Every so called "page" is a set of files found on the drive containing the knowledge concerning one topic.
People of the printing house take those files and order them by their subject.
There are sections for the rules of the world, fauna and flora, places and devices.

Publication Status

Every settlement that wants the copy of the Book of Blueprints is registered on the list and will receive a singular copy for free.
However, they need to pay for every next copy or updated version of the book.
Some rumors say that The Wanderer came once and registered names and locations of most of now existing settlements and paid for their first copy and that is why no one has to pay for them.

Historical Details


The finding of the first "pages" of the book helped with basic understanding of Elemental Crystals and helped in survival after first year.
Later, new pages showed the construction of Collector Crystals and homunculi.
  There were pages that described the location of The Depot and the way of usage of The Tram Lines.   Every year new blueprints that push technology forward are found.
Manual, Technical / Blueprint
Digital Recording, Various

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Articles under Book of Blueprints

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