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The Wanderer

The Wanderer, Green One, Green Wanderer, Negotiator Unknown

"Who is he? Is it one person or a group? Has he always looked like that? Where did he/they come from?"   The Wanderer is a mystery.
A man dressed in a green coat and green hat.
Wherever he shows up, something interesting will happen - new discoveries will be made, a group of bandits will be scared away or captured, the beast will be defeated.
And yet, every time he shows up in a different place, he looks different. A young boy, old veteran, teen soldier, a hunter in the prime of his age. Even his coat and hat change design, but they still maintain the same color.   "So is he the same person? He must be, there were never two Wanderers at the same time."
"I've seen one when I was young in the village where I was born. Years later, another one came here, but he felt just like the old one. The way he talked, smiled and played with children, it was the same. I really don't know."   "There are rumors that he is no man.
That he is either one of The Tree Spirits or the last of The Guardians of The Tree.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Masterful control of mana, complete immunity to scrying and mind control

Mental characteristics

Personal history

In The Pit , people sometimes dream about hearing the voice. It's the soothing voice, calling them to change their life. Some of them wake up with gifts coming from an unknown source. There are people who ignore both the voice and its gifts, thinking it's The Pit wanting to claim their lives. Wanderer wasn't one of them.


  • Every Wanderer is skilled in using the weapons he owns.
  • He can read and write.
  • He knows how to survive in dangerous areas.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Reactivating a few of The Tram Lines and lifts across The Pit.
  • Helping with evacuation of the settlements endangered by The Red Sea
  • Conducting negotiations between many settlements, and as a result prevention of military conflicts
  • Defeating one of the Hangman's Trees and The Lurker

Failures & Embarrassments

Failure to save the village from the Hangman's Tree before it bloomed and killed every single person living there.
Not every negotiation ends in the peaceful way.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Loves playing with children and honest work.
Dislikes lazy people.

Vices & Personality flaws

Savior complex.


The Bard

Friendly (Important)

Towards The Wanderer



The Wanderer

Cold and distant (Important)

Towards The Bard



Biological Sex

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