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Tree Weapons

A collection of weapons made out of parts of The Tree filled with its life energy.
Each has or grants its owner abilities that can bend even the rules of reality.
These weapons are able to change the fate of the people of The Pit   What is known about them:  

The Dagger

Completely carved out of the wood of the Tree.
It lets its user to steal parts of other people - their skills, memories, conditions and even their existence.  

The Staff

It's covered in vines and has an "eye" made out of sap. It can manipulate and manifest Elements in the area.
This could lead to massive cataclysms and terraforming of the parts of The Pit.  

The Longsword

Its blade is made out of the leaf.
The Longsword can cut anything, even the distance and memories of people.
Its owner can be almost completely immortal, as he can cut his age and needs, however, he cannot stop any damage to his body or death.  

The Pike

Its spearhead is made out of the seed.
It is an ultimate defending weapon.
When its user draws a line in the ground, anything that goes through that line will die (user is immune to that effect).
Additionally, no attack can pass the line (even the ones made by other Tree Weapons).
This effect lasts until the user removes the line or dies.
Nothing stops him from staying behind the line, thus being undefeated.  

The Hammer

Its head is made out of solidified sap.
The Hammer stores the power of any damage that was dealt around it (to living beings and to structures) and then can release it in a massive blast. It also lets its user to stand on air.
It is the only known way to "fly" in The Pit.  

The Bow

Its limbs are made out of branches and the string is made out of the vein of the leaf.
When the string is pulled, the ethereal arrow shows up.
The Bow lets the user see the life of every being around them and find any person they know wherever they are as long as they are alive.
Its arrow can pierce everything until they hit their target.  

The Axe

Its blade is made out of the wood, and the handle is made out of petiole of the leaf. When someone throws the axe into the ground, all fights stop.
The user then can impose the rules and conditions on everyone present (it could be something even as abstract as "the next breath this person takes will kill/heal them".

The Mace

The Mace was created just this year, so its properties are still unknown.     No weapon can revive the dead even if their powers would suggest so.

Manufacturing process

Unknown, as the moment the weapon is ready, everyone involved in its creation forget how they did it and any notes taken disappear.
They only remember that they created it.
Item type
Unique Artifact
As for now, there are only eight of them in the whole Pit.
Between 50cm (The Dagger) and 3m (The Pike).
Base Price
Single weapon from the collection is priceless.
Just one of them could be used to buy out even the greatest city.
Raw materials & Components
Wood, leaves, seed and sap of The Tree.
A combination of masterful smithing skills and the best forge, alchemy and the will of The Tree (the creators of the new weapon dream about it).

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Cover image: Call of the Tree by Revyera


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