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The Guardians of The Tree

"The legends say that when The Tree emerged in this world for the first time, some parts of it started to live with their own lives.
Those beings were the children of The Tree, guarding it and its secrets from the beings that came after them.
  We don't know if they are still alive or if they even existed in the first place.
However, most people of The Pit started to worship them, especially since The Tree spoke not too long ago.
Didn't you hear it, kid? The voice in your dreams..."   "So you want to know of some of them?
Ok, so there is the Mage, patron of the elements. He is worshipped by the wanderers, crystal collectors, and relic hunters.
His is the gift of Elemental Sickness.   The Dragon, sometimes called the Flower, the guardian of the Tree's top.
Worshipped by the soldiers, watchmen, and rangers.
She gifted us with deadly flora and fauna.   The Dead One, the lord of, well, dead, worshipped by almost no one. I heard some of the People of the Depths chose him as their patron god, but that could be just a rumor.
His is the gift of eternal death.   The Blind Man, the one who sees everything.
Worshipped by the prophets, fortune tellers and People of the Surface.
His gift is the Grayness.   The Smith, the one who forges the relics of The Pit.
Worshipped by the collectors, traders and relic hunters.
She filled the world with the Anomaly.   The Knight, guardian of the roots of The Tree, who always comes back after defeat.
Worshipped by the nobles, knights and warriors, but also those who contact with the spirits.
He brought unseen horrors to this world and the Sight to see them.   The Huntress, the child, who defends the trunk and the branches of The Tree and tirelessly chases after everyone who defeated The Knight.
Worshipped by the huntsmen and parents.
She created the Red Sea.   There were others, but the books and paintings told us in detail only about those seven."


All of the Children of the Tree are equal as caretakers of their "parent".
Every one of them fulfills different tasks needed to guard The Tree.
Religious, Pantheon
Alternative Names
The Children of The Tree, The Pantheon
Guardians, Gods
Related Ranks & Titles
Controlled Territories

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