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The Protector of The Tree

Each of the The Guardians of The Tree has their task given by The Tree.
Each one of them is equal.
However one of them has a job, which others consider the greatest of honors.
The role of The Protector of The Tree, the last guardian, the one being closest to their parent.   This role belongs to The Dragon, the oldest and strongest of the children of The Tree.
For the most part of Trees' growth, she takes care of every structure, plants and living beings that live on it.
That's when she is known as Flower.
But as the legends say, the day The Tree reaches its maturity, she will change into The Dragon, fierce and ruthless warrior who will kill even their siblings to protect their parent.   Only she can choose who is worthy enough to meet and speak with The Tree.


Protection of The Tree by all means.
Choosing someone worthy either by trial or her death.
Caring for and nursing any living being that naturally appear at The Tree.
Leading her brothers and sisters if they have any questions or doubts


Being closest to her parent.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Weapons equal or stronger in power to the Tree Weapons (records say about her using unnamed spear, bow, sword and shield but also changing her form into that of colossal beast capable of flight).
Dress made out of petals of flowers growing on The Tree, that no normal human weapon can pierce.

Notable Holders

The Dragon, the strongest child of The Tree.

Religious, Military
Source of Authority
The Tree
Length of Term
Lifetime (and even if she is killed, The Tree will revive her after some time)
Related Locations
Related Organizations

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Cover image: Call of the Tree by Revyera


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