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City of Lights

City of Lights is a settlement located on the lowest layer where the Glow of The Tree, making it a transit between The Depths and The Tree layers of The Pit.   Thanks to the interaction between The Tree and The One Star Above, it became one of the main places where Glowlights are produced and distributed to all the parts of The Pit in which they are needed. Due to the method the Glow is extracted by utilizing The Magic of the Song during the Glow Harvesting Festival and the profits from the Glowlight trade, the city steadily grew and became the home for musicians, artists, lamp-makers, and everyone who wanted to just rest and have fun.


Thanks to the high concentration of the Glow, the city is completely safe from any monsters that would dare to attack it. Similarly, since it is very important to all of the smaller settlements that require the Glowlight trade to survive, the city is very well protected by warriors and soldiers that volunteer to protect it and who come from those "client" settlements. And if they fell due to the fall of the City of Lights, all of the higher layers would be at way higher risk of being invaded by the creatures of The Depths.


The streets of the city are covered with hundreds of lamps and lanterns created by different craftsmen. A lot of the houses are decorated with statues and paintings that seem to change depending on the angle the light falls on them.   Compared to most of the settlements which utilize the buildings that were already present in The Pit, the City of Lights has been completely built from the ground. Thanks to that, its architecture is more uniform, with its tall dark, brick towers, seemingly leaning buildings, narrow staircases between them, and cobblestone pavements.
Alternative Name(s)
City of Lamps/Lanterns/Lights and Music
8,000 people
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In preparation for the next Glow Harvesting Festivals, the musicians of the City of Lights often perform concerts here. The duels between the bands tend to be intense and quarrels last for a long time. Everyone would want to become as famous as one and only, Olivia, Idol Priestess of Light. Her concerts are always completely booked and the only way common people can witness her performance is during the Glow Harvesting Festivals themselves.

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