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Amias the Musician

There's no person living in the City of Lights who hasn't heard about young Amias. An artist, a musician, loved by many, hated by almost none. There was no month where he wasn't going out with some new girl ever since he reached the age of 16.  


Amias (or Amy or M as some call him) is a young man of average height and slender build. He has long, curly hair framing his soft face, thick eyebrows just above his light blue eyes, and no facial hair. His long nose is turned upwards.   Amias tends to wear showy clothes. Half capes, various hats, and stylish boots combined with other clothes create something that attracts everyone's attention.  

Personality and relationships

While his reputation creates an image of a lover boy and a flirt, the truth is very far away from that. Amias is clumsy. He can't really play well, he forgets the lyrics and he drops stuff he carries all the time and he's very simple. But he's also kind-hearted, well-mannered and he's great at talking, being capable of making anyone open up to him. And somehow, all of those traits mixed together to create someone people fall in love with. And he reciprocates the feeling, falling in love with everyone, each time feeling real for him.   And while almost all of his relationships don't last longer than a month, no lover of his ever said anything bad about him and he didn't say anything bad about anyone. Au contraire, he tends to mention all of his relationships fondly, remembering each one of them. The two sides just decide that maybe it isn't for them after all.
Current Location
Year of Birth
7 22 Years old
Light blue
Curly and light brown, reaching his shoulders
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Fair skin. Freckles around the nose.


Amias doesn't have any family. Instead, he has many friends and a lot of other inhabitants of the City of Lights tend to treat him as part of their family. People tend to hire him as help for various stuff, just nothing that requires being around or carrying fragile stuff.

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