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Denizens of the City of Lights

Compared to other settlements, denizens of the City of Lights have it pretty easy. The concentrated Glow, a light produced by The Tree that's capable of scaring away monsters, is all-present here. In the lanterns, jars, lamps and other Glowlights, there's almost no spot safe from it. Thanks to that, people living here tend to be way more relaxed and focused on pleasures of the life compared to all other people living in The Pit.   People living in the City of Lights mostly consist of musicians, artists, and lamp-makers. They wear colorful clothes and party often.
Musicians often try to learn the Song that would let them harvest the Glow, just like world-famous Olivia, Idol Priestess of Light can do. But the truth is, only those chosen by The Tree could really learn it. Meanwhile, they play their music on various stages spread around the city.   Lamp-makers create vessels that will be filled with Glow once the next Glow Harvesting Festival comes. The sheer number of them one workshop manages to make during one month is overwhelming.
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The City of Light and the luxurious lifestyle of its inhabitants are completely funded thanks to the production and export of Glowlights. And while other cities that live on the border of the Glow of The Tree also could produce Glowlights of their own, none of them can even get close to the sheer number of products that get created during only just one Glow Harvesting Festival.

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