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Glow Harvesting Festival

People of the Depths, and especially the Denizens of the City of Lights constantly await the news coming from higher layers. Especially the ones coming from the Stargazers living on The Surface layers. For if any of them manages to spot The One Star Above Us, it means that the Glow Harvesting Festival is about to begin.  

The tree and the star

It has been observed that whenever The One Star Above shows up once in a while, when the sandstorms above The Pit quiet down, the Glow of The Tree gets stronger than normally, making it possible for it to be "harvested". The effect of the star on The Tree shows up a few days after the exposure and lasts for an entire week.  


The Glow Harvesting Festival starts the second day the Glow gets stronger. Before that, the stalls are already prepared and fully stocked. The roofs of buildings, sides of sidewalks, and the ropes hanging above the walkways are all covered with jars, lanterns, lamps, and other containers and light sources. They will all be filled with the Glow, becoming Glowlights and Glowjars sold to the parts of The Pit that lack it.   The streets of the City of Lights get filled with crowds, musicians, food stalls, and carnival games. Some lamp-making businesses open their workshops so the visitors can see their daily work. People celebrate 24/7 during its duration, Denizens of the City of Lights taking shifts one after another. It's no wonder that the week after the festival most of the people living in the city are given a 1-week vacation to finally rest a little.  

The concert

In the middle of the city, on its main square, a giant concert stage is built. During the festival, various artists from all parts of The Pit can be seen performing here. But the real star of the stage shows up at noon every day of the festival. When the Glow of The Tree is the strongest, Olivia, Idol Priestess of Light begins her performance. While some of the other musicians sing the Glow Collecting Song, she is the one who was personally given it by The Tree. As such, she can perform the strongest, purest version of it. Whenever she sings, all of the future Glowlights start to shine with a warm, comforting light.
Mainly the City of Lights, but some other settlements on the border of the Glow also celebrate it, but on a much smaller scale and only if someone living there knows a Song that can harvest the Glow.   Observance:
The date of the festival fluctuates a lot, depending only on the appearance of The Star Above. Sometimes it can happen twice a month, but usually, the star shows up once per half a year (but not on the months when the Glow is too weak). In the 6th year after Awakening, it didn't show up at all, making it the toughest year to survive for the people of The Depths.

Information relay race

The names of those who relayed the information about The Star Above showing up are written down in the records of the City of Lights and shouted during toasts when the festival comes. Some even name their children those names for good luck.   Partially thanks to that, a new tradition began. People wanting their names to be written down, pass the information about The Star Above as quickly and as far down as they can by any means possible.   If two different Stargazers witness it, the race between them begins. At least between those who care enough about that.

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Jul 23, 2021 03:06 by Cassandra Sojourn

I think my favorite part about this is the race to get your name in history. I'm also curious as to what the star is, as it does not see to move.

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