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The One Star Above Us

For most of the inhabitants of The Pit, the sky is just a myth. Yes, most of them have heard about endless sandstorms that prevail above The Surface, some might have even seen them from below, but the real, starry sky is a sight experienced only by a few lucky Stargazers. Only once in a while do the sand clouds clear out, revealing dark blue firmament, brightened up by hundreds of small lights. And one of them shines brighter than any else.   The One Star Above Us.  

Location and properties

Directly above the main shaft of The Pit, above The Tree, there shines the biggest star. It can be clearly seen with a naked eye It gives off a cold, slightly blue shine.
While the location of other stars changes depending on the season, The Star seems to be always located in the exactly same position.


The One Star has been spotted for the first time by the current inhabitants of The Pit in the 2nd year of the Awakening, although there are ancient texts and wall paintings depicting it. Its current "finder" was a pilgrim called Father Albio. He and his followers were searching for a place which "The Tree has shown him in his dream" when they noticed the sky and The Star through one of the tunnels created by the Beasts from Above. They interpreted it as a lucky sign heralding the happy end to their journey.
Alternative Name(s)
The Star, The Great Blue, The Lucky Star, The One Star

A good omen

It has been noticed, that with each appearance of the sky above The Pit and with it, the Star, the activity of the Beasts from Above suddenly drops. It is as if they tried to avoid it for an unknown reason.
Because of that, more and more People of the Surface consider the stars and especially, The Star, to be a lucky symbol, and they create amulets depicting it or they embroider starry patterns on the inside of their robes.

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Cover image: The One Star Above Us by Revyera


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3 Jul, 2020 06:33

I really enjoy reading about the weird and wondrous worlds you create, and it's great to see you back to it Rev. Feels like too long since I saw something from you!   Welcome back and happy campin'! <3

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6 Jul, 2020 15:38

This is really cool! I'm so intrigued by a star remaining in the same location in the night sky, I wonder what it is! I like thinking about what the people of this world would talk/say about it, considering you have to be incredibly lucky and have the sand clouds clear out to even glimpse it.   Really cool, Rev! :D

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