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People of the Surface

Those living near the Surface are as mysterious as they are crazy.
What else would you call someone willing to live in a place where one ray of the sun without protection can kill you in seconds, where there are almost no Elements to grow Elemental Crops and where grand beasts from Surface roam?
Yet, for some reason, they live there.
Just like with the People of the Depths, if they show up in lower layers, it is considered as a very bad sign, as that could mean that something unfortunate happened near the Surface. Most of their tribes are nomadic, but sometimes they find a place, where the Sun shines rarely or not at all and they settle down there.  


How to recognize someone from Surface layers?
First, they wear layers and layers of clothes completely devoid of color covered in special oils preventing from them bursting in flames the moment the sun touches them.
Second, they cover their faces for protection.
They wear white masks made out of the bones of the Surface creatures and goggles made out of their air bladders.
Some also wear the gas masks and breathing apparatuses, as breathing in the highest layers is very hard thanks to the high content of ash on the Surface.
  In places safe from the Sun, they like to wear very light clothes, mostly shirts, and shorts.
However, when they leave Surface layers and go down, they love to buy very ornately, colorful attire and hundreds of pendants, bracelets, and brooches.
Even then, most of them don't take off their masks (mostly out of shyness), which leads to people joking that they even sleep and make love wearing them.  


Besides the weird attire they are wearing, there are some distinct features the people of the Surface possess.
First, they are taller than most people of The Pit, sometimes measuring even 2.5 meters. Second, their skin is either very tan or has a higher content of melanin. Third, very often, due to even minimal exposure to Sun during their life, part or whole of their hair is devoid of color and as such is completely white.


Art & Architecture

Most of the Surface dwellers don't create any art as most of their works would be destroyed by the Sun if they weren't applying protective oils on regular basis.
As such even their houses are very simple, mostly being carved in the walls or built out of the parts of creatures they hunt such as bones, hide or their interdigital webbing.
Sometimes they just repurpose the buildings present in The Pit, but such shelter gives almost no protection from the sun unless heavily converted.

Common Taboos

Observe the Surface but never go out there.
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