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The Surface, the highest layers of The Pit are a very dangerous place. Most of this danger comes from the sun, which shines through the holes in the layers and the main shaft of the Pit, and its corrosive properties. However, once in a while, one needs to fight off Beasts from Above. And in that case, they need a weapon that won't fall apart in Surface's hostile conditions. That's why spearguns were created.  


Spearguns are weapons made out completely of biological components acquired from Beasts from Above. They can vary in size, fitting one or both hands. The most important component of the weapon is a gas bladder, an organ Beasts use to fly or float in the air, depending on their species. Even after killing the Beast those bladders are still filled with gas.
To construct a speargun, one needs to make an incision into the bladder in a way that won't release (too much) gas that is stored within it. Next, a barrel is made out of the leg of a Beast. Now, it only needs to be loaded with something sharp, usually one of the spikes of Sharp fortress, a subspecies of Living fortress, due to their resilience. The weapon is ready.  

How to use them

To use the speargun, one only needs to load it with something, aim it, and press the right spot at the bladder. The dose of gas that is released will send the projectile flying.  

Purists tribes

There are tribes of People of the Surface who consider anything that doesn't come from Pit itself to be an afront to The Tree. As such, they are really hostile towards the tribes that use any components coming from the Beasts from Above.
Item type
Weapon, Ranged
Current Location
Related ethnicities
Related Materials
Effective range: 300 m
Speed: 90 mps
Capacity: Most of the spearguns can hold only one spear in their barrels, however, there were some unusual models that could shoot pellets or multiple spears at the same time.
Gas doses: An average, fresh, undamaged gas bladder can store up to 50 doses of gas. After using them all up, it deflates and a new speargun needs to be constructed.

Use in the lower layers

Although the speargun is considered a pretty strong weapon, it still doesn't match the strength and versatility of firearms. Additionally, the scarcity of components needed to create it in the lower layers made it a pretty rare sight to see in layers other than those close to the Surface.

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Dec 28, 2019 14:41

[qoute]component of the weapon is a gas bladder (...) next a barrel is made out of the leg of a Beast[/qoute] Sounds like a bagpipe for me :'D

Dec 28, 2019 20:04

That's one very dangerous bagpipe.
Maybe I should write the second function for them once the shooter is out of ammo. He can annoy Beasts with loud noises. :P

Dec 28, 2019 20:45

If unloaded it can confuse beasts. Sometimes even paralyze them!