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Glowlamp trading company

One day, in the City of Lights, a group of "businessmen" as they called themselves, created a trading company dealing with Glowlights. They announced that they will buy Glowlights created in the city and distribute them to the cities that need them. Some businesses agreed to such a deal, while others, who already distributed the lights themselves ignored the company. And, in the beginning, everything went pretty well.  

The company grew

Once the company grew and earned enough money, they started stealing trade routes of other businesses by undercutting the prices of Glowlights among their clients until it was no longer profitable to lower them anymore, driving the business away. With their competition gone, they would slowly raise prices far above their initial value. And since the settlements that buy Glowlights need them to survive, they couldn't refuse. And so, the trading company grows.  

Opponents of the company

The shady dealings of the company soon attracted the attention of someone more powerful. The Spider himself, the legendary informant and the leader of the gang named after him, voiced his disapproval of their actions, mainly them raising the prices on products needed for survival. Though it is unknown whether he took any direct action against them.   At the same time, a group of bandits who called themselves Light-robbers started attacking GTC's caravans, stealing their stock and selling it to their clients for the normal prices. GTC counteracted that by hiring more security for the caravans, but the group showed up once again, this time with way better equipment and information about new trade routes as if they had some knowledgeable patron behind them.
Alternative Names
GTC, bloodsuckers
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