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Nora the Light-robber

When Glowlamp Trading Company showed its true colors and started to show its true colors and started selling Glowlights for grossly increased prices, many people voiced their disapproval. But as they continued to do so without any shame or punishment, someone decided to take an advantage of them in turn. It was Nora and her trusty gang of Light-robbers.  

Early life

When Awakening happened, Nora was only four. She was adopted by an older couple who would later become lamp-makers once the City of Lights was built. She learned from them but she always wanted to do something more and to travel around The Pit.  

Against GTC

Once the Glowlamp Trading Company started stealing trade routes from the lamp-making businesses by undercutting their prices, Nora couldn't simply rest as businesses of the friends of her parents have to either close or sign a contract with the company, a contract which let GTC control anyone under them. So she gathered a group of like-minded people and they started robbing the caravans. Once they successfully did that, they delivered the goods to the rightful clients and sold them at normal (not GTC's raised ones) prices.   This strategy worked until GTC started hiring more guards for the caravans. It was too risky to attack them, so Nora and her friends had to give up. At least until one day, she received a letter from a mysterious patron who wanted to help them and invest in their activities. With new equipment, more people, and information, they once again can bring losses to the greedy company.
Current Location
Year of Birth
4 19 Years old
Dark blue
Very long, black and curly
155 cm
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Gentlemen, if you could kindly part with the goods?", as she points her shotgun at the soon-to-be-robbed caravan.

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