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Swynfaredian Lecrealt Guard

Lecrealt is the Draconic word for "monarch" simplified so human tongues can pronounce it easier. Usually the Lecrealt Guard is referred to as the Queen's Guard (or King's Guard if the current monarch is a King).   The Swynfardian Queen's Guard unsurprisingly guards the Queen of Swynfaredia.   It is traditionally made of Fang Warriors. Nothing in the laws prevents Talon Warriors from being named to the Queen's Guard but by tradition it is considered crass to do so because sorcery is so closely tied to high social status.   Every member of the Lecrealt Guard is personally selected by the Queen. It is encouraged but not required that the Queen renew the membership for those who guarded her predecessor.   Most of the time, a third of the Queen's Guard are actually guarding the Queen, a third of the Guard is running quests on the Queen's behalf, and a third is off duty.   During ceremonial occasions or periods of great danger, the bulk or entirety of the Queen's Guard is summoned to her side.



Typically there are between ten and twenty members of the Lecrealt Guard.  They have roughly 100 servants, squires, messengers, seneschals, and others providing support.


The Lecrealt wears armor with dragon-like helmets and scale like textures, usually painted bright colors of polished and gilded to literally shine.


There is no standard or common weapons. The Queen's Guard can use whatever weapons they wish or if the Queen chooses to be a micromanager, whichever weapons the Queen decrees they use.



The Queen's Guard can demand military support from almost any soldier or dragon blood in the name of the Queen.  Few dare refuse them though after the fact, if it is determined that one of the Lecrealt Guard demanded something without just cause, they are likely to be severely punished, perhaps even expelled from the guard.


Officially, the Queen's guards get paid 2500 gold per year.  They do get a lot of free stuff.  Their weapons, mounts, lodging, and food is usually paid for.  They often get free scrolls and potions to help carry out their duty.   Also, more than a few Lecrealt are corrupt and have side hustles or take bribes.


The Queen can select anyone she wants.  Typically, sorcerers and sorceresses are selected who are not likely to inherit land but have great combat prowess.  In many cases, their skill with weapons outstrips their skill with sorcery.   Because the current queen is fond of using flying magic, she has selected many more archers and invokers than is common so that her guards can attack enemies while soaring above them.
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy

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