Talon and Fang Warriors

Swynfaredia loves to use dragon imagery in official state functions.  In place of knights, they have Talon Warriors and Fang Warriors, more commonly they are just called Talons and Fangs.   Talons and Fangs handle the routine muscle aspects of maintaining law and order in Swynfaredia.  Both men and women can serve as Talons and Fangs.     Fangs and Talons do the same general job serving the social role as knights.  Fangs are essential Talon Warriors that are also Sorcerers.  Because sorcerery is everything in Swynfaredian high society, Fangs are usually given more status and prestige than Fangs sometimes leading to a Fang being appointed to a position she doesn't really merit having just because she can cast a few spells.  For non-human sorcerers seeking advancement in Swynfaredia, Fang Warrior is often the highest title the sorcerer can hope for.   Talons and Fangs do not have a universal military culture in Swynfaredia.  Each house is free to set their own rules in how these warriors are recruited, trained, and equipped.   Sometimes, Talons and Fangs are groomed to be elite warrior else and little else.  Other times, Talons and Fangs serve the role as military officers or peace time administers and advisors.

Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake